Black Diamond Wedding Rings: Alluring And Mysterious

Black diamond wedding rings: alluring and mysterious

Diamonds are not just yellowish or white in color they come in the color black too. If one is a little skeptical about this fact then a look at the black diamond wedding rings would be a good place to start. There are a lots of theories and criticisms when it comes to black diamonds. Some people are of the opinion that black diamonds are not actually diamonds but are manufactured to look like diamonds. There are a few others who even go to the extent of suggesting that black diamonds are not native to the earth like white diamonds are! So, what is the mystery surrounding black diamond? Let us try and find diamond wedding rings

As allusive as alluring

Black diamonds are no doubt beautiful. Black diamond wedding rings have a different charm to them altogether. The allusive story of the origin of black diamond makes the black diamond wedding rings all the more alluring. Black diamonds are black in color because they have carbon. It has a crystalline structure and it is also known as carbonado. A basic difference between white diamond and black diamond, apart from its color, is that while white diamonds reflect light, the structure of the crystal of a black diamond is such that it ends up absorbing a lot of light.

In fact black as a color itself, is known to absorb light. Now coming to the origin of black diamond, some people believe that it is found in earth while there are a few others who believe that it was asteroid that landed on the earth a million years ago which brought with it these unique diamonds. Whatever the truth might be; the mystery surrounding its origin makes the black diamond wedding rings all the more special.

A black and white treat

When it comes to selecting black diamond wedding rings one can go for the best option of mixing the two types of diamonds. Instead of going for a single black diamond one can opts for both the colors. Black diamond generally goes well with a metal that is white in color and not so much with gold. One can always go for combination of the two diamond types. For example a ring with a black diamond in the center surrounded by small white diamonds look really elegant.

Black diamond wedding rings or bands with an alternate setting of black and white diamonds are also excellent for daily wear. White diamonds are no doubt the ideal traditional choice, but if one wants to add a little twist to it then a black diamond makes the perfect choice. Black diamond wedding rings can also consist of a single diamond at the center. The band comes with a lot of intricate detailing which adds to the beauty of diamond wedding rings - 1

Black diamonds are cheaper than ordinary diamonds. Most of the black diamonds in the market are actually manufactured in a laboratory and hence these are easy to produce. Original carbonado is actually very difficult to find. But if one does find it, it is worth keeping for the rest of their life.

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