What are the key factors of the Tanzanite engagement rings?

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring out there, then there is a plenty of options for you. But selecting the best one is likely to be time and energy consuming. Among all the types of rings out there, the Tanzanite engagement rings are considered as one of the best. There are many reasons for which you are supposed to go in this ring. Some of the features are described below.


Since Tanzanite is regarded as an unique gemstone, so the Tanzanite engagement rings are also known to be very unique. It is because this gemstone is only available in only one place, Tanzania, a majestic mountain in Africa. Apart from this place, this magnificent blue gemstone is not found anywhere else and for this reason it is regarded as the rarest. The Tanzanite engagement rings are really exotic. In coming years, it will be known as the only one of its kind.Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The Tanzanite is pleochroic

It simply means that this gemstone is likely to have a particular ability to radiate the different colors, based on the angle you look from. On the other hand, it can even exhibit a wide range of colors, such as, violet, lavender, purple or blue depending on how the light falls. This unique characteristic is there to make this gemstone evens more exotic and unique.


The Tanzanite engagement rings are becoming very popular day by day. Even when Tanzanite was discovered 40 years ago, then the gem already gained the celebrity status. Many of the Hollywood celebrities were spotted wearing some of the elegant and beautiful Tanzanite rings, including, Elle McPherson, Terry Hatcher, Cate Blanchett etc.

Mining of the Tanzanite is tightly regulated

A tight regulation is done by Tanzanian government. This regulation is there to make sure that if you buy the Tanzanite engagement rings then you will be assured that the Tanzania source has been sourced properly and legitimately. A big part of the proceeds are generally used to develop the communities in surrounding areas, hospitals, housing, building schools, etc. So if you go with this ring, then you will be able to contribute to develop the communities to some extent.

Reasonably priced

Though the Tanzanite is becoming extremely rarest day by day and for this reason, the price is also increasing, but yet it is reasonably priced. You are allowed to purchase the Tanzanite engagement ring at a decent and reasonable price. All these prices are not likely to last long since Tanzanite is gradually becoming even rarer. Therefore, the sooner you will go for the Tanzanite engagement rings then better it will be for you.Tanzanite Engagement Rings - 1

You are just required to be careful at the time of purchasing the Tanzanite engagement rings. You are always supposed to go to a registered and authorized dealer. On the other hand, you need to do some proper research about this gemstone before you go for this. It is for sure that if you get this engagement ring for your fiancé then he/she will be very happy as well as astonished.

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Split shank engagement rings are newly arriving range

Marriage is a holy event where two souls are bound together for the rest of the life. It is not just about two individuals; it is about two families and sometimes two different cultures or religions. Hence, to make this marriage ceremony special, occasions start from more a month before the marriage, just like the ring ceremony, where the couples exchange rings that bind their destiny. If you love your fiancé and want to gift her special ring, there is nothing better than split shank engagement rings.Split Shank Engagement Rings

Concept wise:

The word ‘shank’ is generally used for sewing where it symbolizes a ring shaped hook generally behind a button to ease the sewing on a garment. In case of rings, shank holds the stone (just like diamonds). Split shank engagement rings look amazing. The model holds a stone from all the angels and stone is held by the precious metal firmly by splitting the edges of the shank. You will get a clearer idea about the model if you check internet.


No one can says that a split shank engagement ring would cost you that because it is jewelry and that can be made of various models using various stones and having various fine works even on the shank. You can get them according to your own budget. If you have a good budget then you can go for the platinum series with mesmerizing work with diamonds. Not too high with the budget but still want to gift her platinum? Well, then you can for a simpler design. If not platinum, then it can be of gold. The combination of gold with diamond or any colored stone looks amazing.

It’s not just for this kind of ring, it is for every other jewelry to get an attractive design that might suit the occasion and the color of the stones used. Hence, other than the costing of the materials used to getting that ring (the precious metal and the stone); prices also vary on what we call or know as ‘making charge’.

Sellers while providing a discount cannot provide discounts on the raw martial cost since it is too costly; they provide discounts on the making charge or the labor charge.Split Shank Engagement Rings - 1


The split shank engagement rings look best with a small diamond surrounded by platinum. That might just fit in to your budget and if you can get some discount, that would be quite insisting to go for it. But if you are running short of budget, you can go for gold. Both of them look attention-grabbing yet have distinct identities.

How will you select models? Well, in most of the shops, there are few ready-made models for sell, if you don’t like them, you can ask for their catalogue to select models. Or you can search the internet of newer models and concepts and prices accordingly. After selecting a model, you can orders that model in the shop and get your favorite model split shank engagement rings for your beloved fiancé.

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What are the things to keep in mind while buying men’s engagement rings?

Just think about the word ‘engagement’ and the first thing that comes to your mind is of an engagement ring. Buy women’s engagement ring and men’s engagement rings first and then do everything else. Most traditionally engagement rings are only bought for women, but recently, men’s are also receiving engagement rings. Most of the men do not want to wear any of those funky diamond laced rings but something simple and solid.Men's Engagement Rings

Types of rings

Men’s engagement rings are mostly simple plain bands. They many a times considers decorative etching which might be embossed or even made to appear plain. If you want the engagement ring to be perfect for your fiancé then you can just do custom making. Once your custom makes it you will be able to add stones, make different designs, and even mix up metals to make a simple band look funky. You can get some phrases engraved on the ring or the date of your engagement etched on the ring. The engraving must not be too flashy, but should be special to you fiancé.

Making of the ring

If your husband does not like anything funky then you might want to consider mixing up two of three different metals. Mixing up of metals makes the ring look something very popular without making it look too much flashy. White and gold metal or gold and bronze intertwined looks very good.

Stones to add

If a diamond is placed on the ring, then it may only be set there as a single stone. It may be put as a solitaire or may be placed off center and make it look stylish. But if you want stones on your fiancés ring don’t just stop at a diamond. You can even put rubies, emeralds or even put a birthstone on the ring. Put the stones in a channel around the ring or just add them to make the diamond stand out more. Only put diamond if your man likes them otherwise it will be a total disaster.

What he likes?

Before choosing out men’s engagement rings for your fiancé think about the lifestyle he leads. Does he like to go to sports or does he do the hard work? These small things often tend to make the engagement ring look better than making it look flashy. If he likes stones make a custom one with different kinds of stones inlaid or if he does not like them then just give him a band type of ring. You can even do etching and embossing on the ring. Moreover, you can choose a wide wedding band which holds a big ruby or a diamond and let the world knows that you love him a lot.Men's Engagement Rings - 1


Men’s engagement rings have gained importance in the recent years. This is like those old fairy tales happening with a hint of modern twists. Men’s engagement rings are being extensively made and sold because girls are willing to do the proposing to their lucky partner themselves. Sometimes it’s just not about showing the world, but showing each other how much they love each other; a token of promise, a symbol of their love.

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Are 3 stone engagement rings the perfect rings for your loved one?

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is a very hard work. 3 stone engagement rings are often the sought after engagement rings of all time. They are the most beautiful rings of all time. Many people think that these 3 stone engagement rings are their last choice in choosing an engagement ring. The elegance of this ring lies in its structural beauty. It consists of three main big diamonds, which are basically impossible for women to resist. The most famous of this type of ring is the three stone trellis.3 Stone Engagement Rings

What the ring means?

These 3 stone engagement rings often have their own story to tell and to do with the combination of two loving hearts. The three stones basically represent the past, the present and the future of the relationship that was vowed under the oath. These rings are often referred by people as trinity ring or the trilogy ring. The ring is a definitive symbol of the loving relationship of the couple.

Other uses

As the 3 stone engagement rings represent the different phases of the couple’s relationship together, the rings can also be bought as anniversary rings. People can purchase three stone rings like the trellis to commemorate their tenth or their twenty-fifth anniversary.

Characteristics of the ring

Most of these rings are made of three identical size diamonds. But many a times a central big diamond is given to make it look more beautiful. The center diamond ring can be chosen to be either princess cut or brilliant round cut diamonds. The recent popularity of the princess cut diamond has made the three stone trellis ring quite popular among couples.

Different kinds of 3 stone engagement rings

  • 3 stone U-prong diamond engagement ring – This ring consists of three round shaped diamonds; one big in size and two smaller in size.
  • 3 stone engagement rings with baguettes – This ring has a big diamond in the center surrounded by two rectangular shaped diamonds.
  • Moonlight ring – The only interesting characteristic of this ring is that the two smaller diamonds are half moon shaped. This one is of the rarest kind.
  • Piccolo diamond engagement ring – Apart from the three diamonds of the ring there are smaller diamonds placed on both sides of the two smaller diamonds.
  • 3 stone trellis – Any ring with a big round or princess cut diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds of any size is acceptable to fit this category.3 Stone Engagement Rings - 1


Couples can choose to modify and do personal customization to make the rain suit them perfectly.

  • More diamond can be added to the ring and change it into an eternity band.
  • Different stones can be added in place of diamonds to make it look funky.
  • You can create the ring using three different shaped diamonds.

3 stone engagement rings are the perfect choice in engagement rings to propose to your true love or to gift your better half as an anniversary gift.

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