Wedding Bands For Women – The Symbol of Never Ending Love

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The Symbol of Never Ending Love – Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding bands for women have been the symbol of love and commitment since ages. When you see a wedding band on the ring of another person you know that that person cannot be courted anymore. Pertaining to the special occasion that related with the wedding bands, there are made up of different metals and different styles of bands are designed every day. The styles of wedding bands for women and the wedding bands for men are more or less same but the size differs. Before finding out the latest styles related to the wedding bands let’s see what history wants to tell us about the bands.Wedding Bands For Women

History of wedding bands

Among all the earlier civilization, the importance of wedding bands has been acknowledged. In the Egyptian civilization, the wedding bands were considered to be the symbol for love and dedication. The shape of the band that is circle was considered to be the sign for the never ending love that the couple had for each other. Even in the Roman Empire, these bands were looked as a contract of love between the man and the woman.

For centuries it was found that it was women who only wore the bands as the symbol of commitment towards the men. However, during the 2nd World War, when men were shipped off to other countries for fighting the war, this practice was also started among the men and they started wearing the bands as their symbol of love for the lady they left back at home.

Even the style of the wedding bands for women has been varying since ages. During roman times, it was found that they were fashioned from iron, which was the strongest metal available then. Iron was used for the wedding band as this band represented a bond that could never be broken. Gradually bands made up of silver and gold were also being introduced and used by men and women alike.

During the puritanical times, it was found that the wedding bands for women were made from the bottom part of a thimble. During that period jewelry was considered to be wastage of time and money and hence for engagement men and women would exchange thimbles and after wedding the lower part of the thimble was cut and given to the lady.Wedding Bands For Women - 1

Modern style

However, time has seen much evolution in the designs and make of the wedding bands for women.  Now, it would be very tough to find a wedding band made up of iron, but yes, you would get a lot of other options with which the wedding bands are made up of. You would find some of them are entrusted with precious gems and has a very elaborate design. Some of the bands for women are only gold bands and no designs on them. Actually now the bands are chosen according to the choice and personality of the person who would be wearing it.

Many times, many couples engrave a message on the wedding band for each other, while some engrave the date of their wedding on it. Whatever is the style and fashion, one thing that these bands show is the eternal love that remains unchanged since ages.

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