Vintage Wedding Rings: It’s All About Heritage

Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage wedding rings: It’s all about heritage

Of all rings, vintage wedding rings undoubtedly make the most sophisticated and classy choice. Each vintage ring is a one of its kind. Vintage wedding rings reflect the time in which they were crafted. While some speak of opulence the others have a subtle soft touch to them. All vintage creations are quality products and that is what makes them vintage. They come in all sorts of metals and with every precious stone that is found on this earth. What one should always look into before buying a vintage wedding ring is its design. There are a lots of vintage rings and each has an unique design. So it is best to search through a lot of options before finalizing the buy, because surely one would not want to have regret about the design later.Vintage Wedding Rings

Types and designs

Let us take a sneak peek into the world of vintage wedding rings and see what are the types and designs that are popular.

    • It’s the era of Victoria: Victorian rings are the most vibrant of all vintage wedding rings. These generally have a simple band of gold or platinum and are studded with big gem stones. The bands also come in rose gold which adds to the vibrancy of the gem stones. These are definitely eye catchers and meant for the bold ones.
    • It does not look good if it is not propped up: A very popular design from the 1920s is a princess cut diamond propped into a basket of platinum on a platinum band. This design is a very popular one and has been replicated time and again. The diamond shines with all its brilliance whiles the metal band perfectly fits into the finger.

This would be one of the finest choices of vintage wedding rings.

    • One and many more: Another very famous design is that of variety of shapes clubbed together on a platinum band. A square or circle adorns the centre and is surrounded by both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs as well. These are the more gaudy ones and are for those who don’t mind flaunting their wedding bands a little.
    • A special feature: One of the most important things about vintage wedding rings is the way the setting has been done. A lot of intricate work goes into the setting of the stone on the top. Creators carefully engrave the tiny little designs so that it is a treat for the eyes of both who wears it as well as the one who is looking at it.Vintage Wedding Rings - 1
    • Time for the Romans: This particular design is ideal for men. A big band of quite a wide breadth with a stone set right in the middle this has a manly feel to it. If men are interested in browsing through the vintage collection, then this design will surely catch their attention.

Vintage wedding rings are reflections of the era. They try to capture the spirit of the age and put it all in the design so that it immediately reminds one of that particular age.

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