Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men – The Latest Trend

Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men – The Latest Trend

Among the various kinds of wedding bands, tungsten wedding bands for men offer contemporary and sleek style within affordable prices. Tungsten, chemical element has many amazing properties like it melting point is highest and the tensile strength is even highest. It’s rare and of course durable. Thus, for these properties tungsten wedding bands for men are becoming more and more popular among the modern men.Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Characteristics of Tungsten Wedding Rings for men

Although tungsten is very tensile yet, the bands are not made up of pure tungsten. For making wedding bands tungsten carbide, which is formed by combining equal atoms of carbon and tungsten, is used. After the combination of the two elements, it is mixed with any binder, be that nickel or cobalt and from the compound formed rings are made.

When the bands are made from tungsten, they acquire a light gray color and if they are needed to be darkened then through brush finishing process it is obtained. These bands are extremely tough and hence there are no chances of scratches on them.

Tungsten Wedding Bands are Brittle, Is it true?

Now, before you finally decide to buy tungsten wedding bands for men you need to know everything about it so that after giving it to him on the special day you do not face any problem.

If the durability of the band is of your concern then remember that the bands made up of tungsten carbides are much more durable than gold, silver, palladium or platinum bands. Although it is resistant to scratching, you may have one problem with it that is its brittleness. If too much strength is applied on it, then instead of bending it would break. Now, do not worry, it would bend under extreme pressure that generally does not happen in real life.

Best Styles for Tungsten Wedding Bands

Many men prefer to wear Tungsten rings just for their brittleness. They like the ‘attitude’ of the ring that it would break but not bend. However when you are to choose the best tungsten wedding bands for men try to know the latest trend and styles.

The most popular choice of Tungsten ring is obviously the comfort fit rings, rings that have brushed layers and the flat bands. You can get tungsten rings that are set with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, rubies etc.

While purchasing the tungsten wedding bands for men remember that you cannot alter the size of a tungsten ring, thus check the size of the finger of the groom before you make any purchase, to be on the safe side.Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men - 1

Shopping tips for Tungsten Weeding bands

While you shop for tungsten wedding bands keep the following tips in mind

  • Purchase the band from that retailer who gives your lifetime warranty for the band.
  • Try to avoid any kind of plating on the ring.
  • Before buying the ring, take the ring size properly as tungsten bands cannot be re-sized. It’s better to take the size of the finger at the second half of the day.

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