Titanium Wedding Bands For Men – Lightweight, Hypo Allergic, High Durability And Strength

Why choose titanium wedding bands for men?

Married couples know how important wedding bands are to them. Due to durability titanium wedding bands for men are being bought. Titanium rings also offer many unique properties. They are lightweight, hypo allergic, have a high durability and strength and are corrosion resistant.

Making of the ring

Titanium wedding bands for men are made out of titanium bars, sheets or out of tubes. The material is cut into the desired shape and the size in which the ring will be made. The metal is so much durable, it can be used in the same mechanism, and stainless steel is made and handled. The original jewelry techniques of soldering and rolling are not applicable in case of titanium. But leaving those techniques the metal can be textured and fabricated using an inert atmosphere.Titanium Wedding Bands For Men


Titanium wedding bands for men has become very popular jewelry in the recent years due to its unique properties. The most important properties of it is hypo allergic and non toxic in any amount. If you have any kind of allergy to other jewelry of gold or silver, you can definitely wear titanium jewelry as it will not react with your skin. The metal is highly resistant to corrosion


Anodization of titanium is the process by which a thin film of oxide is produced in the titanium ring to impart color to the ring. The process is an electrolytic process. After the completion of the ring into the final product it can be dipped in a cola electrolyte and DC voltage of around 100V is passed through the electrolyte. The voltage applied is the controller of the thickness of the oxide layer and thus the color of the ring. Anodization makes the metal more resistive to metal. Virtually any color can be obtained on the ring.


Inlaying is the process by which different metals are put into one ring but without mixing. The metals are crushed and channeled and at the end forced into place using high pressure. The metals sit side by side on the ring. This makes an otherwise ordinary ring to look distinguishable. The inert nature of titanium also aids the process of inlaying without any reaction. Inlaying is totally a different process and should never be confused with the process of alloying.

Styling of the ring

Over the brief history of time some styling procedures have been found out to make titanium wedding bands for men look more dashing.Titanium Wedding Bands For Men - 1

  • Classic – This is the simplest form of titanium ring. It is generally round or oval without any touch of machining equipment.
  • Mokume-gane – this makes the ring appear wood grainy. It was applied to ancient samurai swords.
  • Sable – It makes the ring look soft silky.
  • Frost – It makes the ring look as if it has been frozen.


To conclude this article on titanium wedding bands for men we see that instead of buying a gold or platinum ring you can opt for titanium wedding bands for men for your fiancé.

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