To know where one can get antique style engagement rings

Engagement rings are the one of the most valuable things a person could have and finding the right fit and cut, and design is a very challenging task. This article is on antique style engagement rings. You might fall in love with the first ring that you see or you could see more than a hundred designs but still you do not find the one. If you are planning to get engaged in the search for an engagement ring, then this article could be helpful.Antique Style Engagement Rings

What is an antique?

The term antique is derived from the Latin word antiques, which means old or ancient. Nowadays, some old things like jewelry, furniture, etc. are called antique. There are people who love to collect such items because of its rarity, beauty and its age. Sometimes these materials have a personal emotional connection and some have unique features for which it is favored. As they say old is gold. These objects signify a certain time period of the human history. Antique style engagement rings are rings which are inspired from the antique designs. There are people who collect antique pieces; starting from furniture, which include 100 year old tables or rocking chairs to jewelries which include rings and earrings. Another object that has a great value when it is antique is cars. Every year in many different countries there are car shows where proud owners of vintage cars show off their cars.

The time period that covers antique:

The term antique applies to things that are at least hundred years old. This is applicable for jewelries, furniture, clothes and everything. But in cases of cars this number becomes twenty five. So cars those are at least 25 years old are considered antique.

Engagement rings:

It is the ring that is generally used by the man to propose the lady. In most cultures engagement ring is worn by the women. Antique style engagement rings are very much in demand nowadays. An engagement ring generally has a solitaire or precious stones. In cases of antique ones the designs and cuts are antique but the materials used are not old.Antique Style Engagement Rings - Sapphire

Cuts and designs of a ring:

The designs that you find in different stores are almost similar types. The cuts of the solitaire differ; but when you consider antique style engagement rings not only does the cut differ, but you have a lot of different options for designs as well. The popular cuts are round, princess, pear, oval, cushion, marquise, emerald, heart and radiant. For engagement rings these cuts are mostly appreciated.Antique Style Engagement Rings - 1

So if you are planning to propose your partner and could not decide which design to select or which cut to go for then antique style engagement rings are the best option for you. Because there is no woman on this earth who would not fall for antique design inspired rings. An engagement ring signifies the beautiful relation that two people in love have. So the ring should be a beautiful and rare one. And what else other than antique signifies rarity as well as beauty.

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Get the best vintage style engagement rings for your partner

After visiting a handful of shops and also a few online stores you are still confused which ring to buy for your partner. And after seeing so many designs you are rather confused which design will perfectly suit your partner. Solitaires are the first choice for everyone. But one can goes for other precious stones like sapphire or ruby. But this particular article is on vintage style engagement rings. For those men looking for engagement rings the vintage styled rings can be a great option.Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage styled rings:

People love vintage; as the saying goes old is gold. But somehow while buying engagement rings the idea of vintage styled rings never come to mind. Most people go for normal designs that we see every day. The same design and the same cuts keep repeating. Even very few stores keep vintage style engagement rings. So people hardly get to see such designs, hence the sale of such designs is also low.

Types of diamond cuts:

When talking about engagement rings there is no way solitaires won’t be mentioned. Solitaires are diamond rings and engagement rings are basically rings with diamonds. Now every diamond has a particular cut and design. Some of the cuts are very popular. Following are some of the popular cuts.

Round and princess cuts:

The round cut is the most popular among all the cuts. Almost 75% of all the diamonds in the world are of this shape. This shape is generally superior because of the mechanics of the proper reflection of the light. Next comes the princess cut. This cut was first created in the 1980. This cut is mostly preferred for engagement rings is the most popular among the fancy cuts. It is very flexible and can be used in any kind of rings. These two cuts go very well with vintage style engagement rings.

Oval, marquise and cushion cuts:

The oval is quite similar to the round in the ground of brilliance. It is known as the modified brilliant cut of the round shape. Since oval cut has an elongated structure, it gives a larger illusion. So those who prefer larger shapes than oval cut diamonds are the best choice. The best way to describe the marquise is it looks like a football. It is also a modified brilliant cut. Just like the oval cut the elongated and narrow shape of the marquise gives an illusion of a greater size. The cushion cut looks just like the cushion. It is a square with its corners round just like a cushion. Cushion cuts are almost 200 years old and has been the most popular cut in the earlier days. The cushion cut goes best with vintage style engagement rings.Vintage Style Engagement Rings - 1

With all the details on the cuts and his designs you must have an idea by this time, which cut to choose and which design would go well with that cut. Vintage style engagement rings are one of the best designs one could get.

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