Split Shank Engagement Rings Look Best With A Small Diamond Surrounded By Platinum

Split shank engagement rings are newly arriving range

Marriage is a holy event where two souls are bound together for the rest of the life. It is not just about two individuals; it is about two families and sometimes two different cultures or religions. Hence, to make this marriage ceremony special, occasions start from more a month before the marriage, just like the ring ceremony, where the couples exchange rings that bind their destiny. If you love your fiancé and want to gift her special ring, there is nothing better than split shank engagement rings.Split Shank Engagement Rings

Concept wise:

The word ‘shank’ is generally used for sewing where it symbolizes a ring shaped hook generally behind a button to ease the sewing on a garment. In case of rings, shank holds the stone (just like diamonds). Split shank engagement rings look amazing. The model holds a stone from all the angels and stone is held by the precious metal firmly by splitting the edges of the shank. You will get a clearer idea about the model if you check internet.


No one can says that a split shank engagement ring would cost you that because it is jewelry and that can be made of various models using various stones and having various fine works even on the shank. You can get them according to your own budget. If you have a good budget then you can go for the platinum series with mesmerizing work with diamonds. Not too high with the budget but still want to gift her platinum? Well, then you can for a simpler design. If not platinum, then it can be of gold. The combination of gold with diamond or any colored stone looks amazing.

It’s not just for this kind of ring, it is for every other jewelry to get an attractive design that might suit the occasion and the color of the stones used. Hence, other than the costing of the materials used to getting that ring (the precious metal and the stone); prices also vary on what we call or know as ‘making charge’.

Sellers while providing a discount cannot provide discounts on the raw martial cost since it is too costly; they provide discounts on the making charge or the labor charge.Split Shank Engagement Rings - 1


The split shank engagement rings look best with a small diamond surrounded by platinum. That might just fit in to your budget and if you can get some discount, that would be quite insisting to go for it. But if you are running short of budget, you can go for gold. Both of them look attention-grabbing yet have distinct identities.

How will you select models? Well, in most of the shops, there are few ready-made models for sell, if you don’t like them, you can ask for their catalogue to select models. Or you can search the internet of newer models and concepts and prices accordingly. After selecting a model, you can orders that model in the shop and get your favorite model split shank engagement rings for your beloved fiancé.

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