Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands Speak Volumes About A Man’s Character And Choice

Designing a look for your fingers with men’s white gold wedding bands

There are various forms of gold that can be used when it comes to wedding bands and the most popular these days happen to be none other than men’s white gold wedding bands. This is a choice which is more predominant for the “mightier” sex. A combination of subtlety and sophistication, men’s white gold wedding bands speak volumes about a man’s character and choice. White gold is often confused with platinum these days. It is mainly because of the fact that they look the same. However they are very different. Let us find out's white gold wedding bands

What is white gold?

First and foremost, white gold and platinum can never be the same metal since the former is derived from gold while the latter is not. Now, we all know that gold is not white in color. So, something must be added to it to make it white in color. What is added to gold to make it white? Any metal which is white in color like palladium or silver might be added to it to add the whitish hue to the golden hue of gold. Depending on whether the white gold is of 18 ct or 9ct or 14 ct, the amount of white metal added to the amount of gold will vary.

Men’s white gold wedding bands can either be of 9ct, 14ct or even 18ct. However that is not all. In order to complete the transformation, when the white gold has just been created it is plated with another metal known as Rhodium. Rhodium itself is white in color and is a lot likes platinum. Previously men’s white gold wedding bands used to use nickel but it is not practiced any more these days. Some people have allergic reactions to nickel and hence the use of nickel is not encouraged any more. Since Rhodium is white in color like platinum, a white gold band when plated with rhodium becomes very difficult to identify. People often confuse white gold with platinum. White gold as a metal is also used to make other jewelry items like pendants and's white gold wedding bands - 1

Simplifying opulence through elegance

Since white gold is a durable metal it can be moulded to create various interesting designs. From simple sleek bands to grand designs, men’s white gold wedding bands have every design to boast of. Generally since men like to keep it simple a single white gold band with a diamond in the center is a very popular choice. Traditionally wedding bands were simple bands, cut perfectly to fit the finger it was meant for. Keeping this in mind, the traditional men’s white gold wedding bands are designed. These are simple bands of white gold, the breadth of which might vary. White gold as a metal is very sophisticated. Since it blends with the skin color it is not harsh to the eyes.

Men’s white gold wedding bands are very popular these days and more and more are opting for them since they make a safe yet classy choice.

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Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands: For That Added Sparkle

Men’s diamond wedding bands: For that added sparkle

Every gender has its own preferences; a man would surely not want to done a feminine wedding ring on his fingers. So, it is best to look for the perfect wedding ring for men in the men’s diamond wedding bands collection. Collection here of course specifies a type and not a product range. Now, what becomes essential in this discussion is to figure out the basic characteristics of a perfect wedding band for's diamond wedding bands

Wedding bands: to be worn everyday

When it comes to wedding band for both men and women it is important for us to remember that wedding bands are something that each partner wears every day. There is hardly any occasion or event that can prompt one to open the wedding band. So it is clear that the design of the wedding band should not be something too ornamental when it comes to men’s diamond wedding bands. A simple sleek band with a diamond perfectly exemplifies bliss and splendor and it is something that can be worn every day with any outfit of one’s choice. Everybody loves to carry a symbol which portrays their love for their spouse. But no men would want a huge ornamental art piece on their fingers every day. So it is best to go for simple designs when it comes to selecting from men’s diamond wedding bands.

Metals for the perfect band

Gone are the days when a gold band with a diamond center were the only design for men’s diamond wedding bands. We live in an age of experimentation. More and more new metals or a mixture of metals are being used to create unique and sophisticated designs. One always has the option of going for the traditional choice – gold and diamond. But one nowadays there are plenty of other options to choose from. One of the most commonly used metal these days other than gold is stainless steel. Crafted into perfect bands, studded with one big stone or a few smaller ones, these rings of all men’s diamond wedding bands have a minimalistic approach that has tremendously worked in its favor.

Apart from stainless steel, silver and diamond are another very popular choice when it comes to diamond wedding bands. If one is looking for something really unique then one can try the combination of stainless steel and black ceramic. This perhaps the finest of most men’s diamond wedding bands.

men's diamond wedding bands - 1 The band is sleek and perfectly round with a small diamond adorning the center.
If black is not one’s preferred color then a ring of tungsten and carbide is there to add that silvery touch to the fingers. The main benefit of using silver bands is that they are not flashy and perfectly compliment the skin tone. Platinum of course is another very special choice. In fact platinum and diamonds are the most trending combination when it comes to men’s diamond wedding bands.

Wedding bands should be selected really carefully since they are meant to be worn for the rest of one’s life. A proper and careful selection ensures that one will enjoy wearing it and be able to carry it off with élan.

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Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band: A Reflection Of The Inner Soul

Rose gold mens wedding band: A reflection of the inner soul

Rose gold mens wedding band is all about crafting one’s personality into perfection. This perfection can be added with change. Wondering how? Let us find out.

Change is the only constant. This is a proverb which has never been proven wrong. Whatever field it might be, something or the other keeps on changing; which keeps it mobile, which enriches it. Wedding rings are also something which has experienced this change. Gone are the days when a simple gold band, sometimes with a precious stone was the only designs that were available for men as wedding rings. Time has changed and with it has brought rose gold mens wedding band.Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Components of this metal

Surely we do not get gold out of roses, so what is it that the rose gold mens wedding band is made up of? Take almost 58.5% of what is pure gold and add some copper to it – and you have your rose gold of 14-karat ready! The copper is added to give a dash of color to this gold, so that it stands out. The color of this metal is its most unique feature and this is what lends uniqueness to it.

A plethora of choices

The rose gold mens wedding band comes in a lot of designs. Simple rose gold bands to intricately carved bands – all are available. There are plenty of designs to choose from. Thus those who like to keep it traditional with a touch of newness can always go for the classic round fitted rose gold mens wedding band while those who are looking for ways to experiment a little bit can always opt for more off beat designs. Some of the more popular choices are bands which are intricately carved, the warp and weft designs, the square band etc. If one wants diamonds in their wedding band then rose gold bands with diamonds at the center or all throughout its circumference are also available.Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band - 1

Benefits of rose gold bands

If one thought that rose gold mens wedding band were only about creating a style statement characterized by something different, it is time to think again. There is one particular very interesting feature about rose gold that makes the rose gold wedding bands more durable. Rose gold is of 14-karat gold, as we have seen before. This gold combined with copper is more resistant than 18-karat rose gold and hence the former is less scratch prone than the latter. Thus the rose gold mens wedding band can be exposed to regular use without any fear of scratches. Another essential feature of these rose gold bands is that by adding color they accentuate one’s skin tone. The band becomes very prominent and hence catches the eye.

Wedding rings are something which remains with a man for the rest of his life. It is his right to opt for something fresh if he so wishes, since he would have wear that ring for the rest of his life. Rose gold mens wedding band increases his choices to select from and allows him to step out of the ordinary.

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Mens Diamond Wedding Bands – Love, Togetherness And Silent Witness

Choose the Best Metal for Mens Diamond Wedding Bands

On the wedding day, mens diamond wedding bands would not only represent love and togetherness, but would also be the silent witness, who is going to observe every moment of your married life. These bands are considered to be sign of eternity and they make you related to each other as you start to walk on the unknown path of conjugal life. Thus, it’s important that when you choose the wedding band for your man, it should be unique and make people feel its presence.Mens Diamond Wedding Bands

Creating a Style

For choosing the mens diamond wedding bands you also need to choose the style of band that you would give. However, before you choose the metal, you need to decide what would be the style of the diamond band.

Classic wedding bands may be the most common choice, but you may also choose among all the various modern varieties available. While choosing you need to remember that it is something that you would be wearing every day and hence it should be comfortable enough for you to wear it on regular basis.

Metal Preferences

Once you decide the style you can choose among the various metals available and that includes

  • Gold

The most demanded metal for wedding bands till date is of course gold. Whenever you think of mens diamond wedding bands, the picture that comes to your mind is obviously a band made up of gold and studded with diamond. Among the various types you would get rose, white and yellow gold bands. You can engrave anything on gold as it is malleable and soft and engraving is easy on it.

  • Platinum

Although it’s rare and valuable metal, yet it is gaining popularity recently. Moreover its high gloss appearance and hypoallergenic nature makes it the first choice of most wedding ring shoppers. Even diamonds go very well with this metal and this metal is the most prestigious metal among all the various kind of metals used for making mens diamond wedding bands.

  • Silver

If affordability is the first concern then the metal that would top the list is silver. After polishing, the sterling silver bands become very reflective and hence are the best choice of those who are looking for economical wedding bands. If you want the silver band to be protected from tarnishing then you must use rhodium coating.

  • Titanium

Titanium is an industrial metal and thus is strong and durable. The wedding bands made from it are generally long lasting. Moreover, being hypoallergenic, it is the best choice for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. Men who are not used to the sporting rings can try this metal as its light weighted and gives a relatively darker hue.Mens Diamond Wedding Bands - 1

Thus, once you choose the metal it becomes easy for you to decide one wedding ring for your groom among the many mens diamond wedding bands. It may not be so easy but if you check out everything properly then you would surely land up in something that would make you proud every time you see the ring on his hand.

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Men’s Engagement Rings Are Mostly Simple Plain Bands

What are the things to keep in mind while buying men’s engagement rings?

Just think about the word ‘engagement’ and the first thing that comes to your mind is of an engagement ring. Buy women’s engagement ring and men’s engagement rings first and then do everything else. Most traditionally engagement rings are only bought for women, but recently, men’s are also receiving engagement rings. Most of the men do not want to wear any of those funky diamond laced rings but something simple and solid.Men's Engagement Rings

Types of rings

Men’s engagement rings are mostly simple plain bands. They many a times considers decorative etching which might be embossed or even made to appear plain. If you want the engagement ring to be perfect for your fiancé then you can just do custom making. Once your custom makes it you will be able to add stones, make different designs, and even mix up metals to make a simple band look funky. You can get some phrases engraved on the ring or the date of your engagement etched on the ring. The engraving must not be too flashy, but should be special to you fiancé.

Making of the ring

If your husband does not like anything funky then you might want to consider mixing up two of three different metals. Mixing up of metals makes the ring look something very popular without making it look too much flashy. White and gold metal or gold and bronze intertwined looks very good.

Stones to add

If a diamond is placed on the ring, then it may only be set there as a single stone. It may be put as a solitaire or may be placed off center and make it look stylish. But if you want stones on your fiancés ring don’t just stop at a diamond. You can even put rubies, emeralds or even put a birthstone on the ring. Put the stones in a channel around the ring or just add them to make the diamond stand out more. Only put diamond if your man likes them otherwise it will be a total disaster.

What he likes?

Before choosing out men’s engagement rings for your fiancé think about the lifestyle he leads. Does he like to go to sports or does he do the hard work? These small things often tend to make the engagement ring look better than making it look flashy. If he likes stones make a custom one with different kinds of stones inlaid or if he does not like them then just give him a band type of ring. You can even do etching and embossing on the ring. Moreover, you can choose a wide wedding band which holds a big ruby or a diamond and let the world knows that you love him a lot.Men's Engagement Rings - 1


Men’s engagement rings have gained importance in the recent years. This is like those old fairy tales happening with a hint of modern twists. Men’s engagement rings are being extensively made and sold because girls are willing to do the proposing to their lucky partner themselves. Sometimes it’s just not about showing the world, but showing each other how much they love each other; a token of promise, a symbol of their love.

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