Rise in demand of engagement rings for men

Engagement ring the first token of love when a couple is about to start their married life. Rings for women are in existence for long and women wearing engagement rings regularly too, but engagement rings for men are in demand nowadays. Engagement rings for men are also considered important similar to the women rings. The engagement rings exchanged on the special day are a symbol of love, commitment between the two people throughout their life.

Features of Men Rings:

Engagement rings for men should be hard so that it should not be scratched due to daily outdoor activities done by men. Strong metal rings made up of platinum, yellow gold and titanium are preferred for male engagement rings. Most scratches-free and durable metal for the men’s rings are platinum and titanium. Men usually don’t prefer rings made up of gemstones as it does not suit their looks. In the market, there are a huge range and variety of engagement rings for men available. Two color or shade rings are in latest trends and look very elegant and fabulous on men.Engagement Rings For Men

Why men should wear Engagement Rings?

Women since the ancient time enjoys the luxury of engagement and wedding rings. But nowadays men are also enjoying wearing engagement rings and even manufacturers are also focusing on this segment of customers. Men don’t need to wear the ring on the same finger as women do but it is a symbol of love and commitment towards your partner.

A Marriage proposal from women is also in trend which resulted in huge men’s ring in the market. Couples who are not planning to get married right away exchange of the engagement ring is the best option for them. Engagement rings for men symbolizes their commitment towards each other. It is a gift for the lifetime so should be chosen wisely and after thorough research only. The rings are available in various sizes and metals depending on the buyer’s preference. You can compare the price of these rings on various websites and order the best deal.

You can get huge collection of engagement rings for men from the nearby Jeweler or from the online stores.

Check the collection of your man before finalizing the design. You can also buy same rings for both of you if a couple is buying the engagement ring together. Sellers offer an exchange or return options for the buyers for a limited duration only. Some sellers offer insurance till the time of the delivery for the expensive items to avoid any loss or damage of the item.Engagement Rings For Men - 1

Engagement rings for men are less costly in comparison to women’s rings, so if you are buying the ring with a limited budget online store will be helpful for you. On various occasions and festive season sellers offer huge discount and offers to the buyers who are buying the item from the online stores. You will get a guarantee certification for the engagement rings for men you are buying from the web store.

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What things to consider before you go for the men engagement rings?

Traditionally it is believed that the engagement rings are basically for the women, but the story has changed now. Nowadays, the men are receiving engagement rings before their marriage. For this reason, men engagement rings are in great demand. But the men are not likely to fond of the diamond ring that much; rather the understated and simple ring makes suit best.

In case, you are in search of the men engagement rings to gift it to your would-be-husband, then you are required to know some things about the ring before you go it. Since men do not like the complicated design that much, so you are supposed to go for the simple band along with the decorative etching, perhaps plain or embossed. You are allowed to print any phrase on the ring to make him know something.Men Engagement Rings

More about the men’s engagement rings

In case, your man likes something elaborated, then you can go for the two-toned rings which use two distinct metals like gold and white metal or gold with the bronze intertwined. These types of styles are there to add some distinction with much flashiness. On the other hand, if your guy wants or likes something with diamonds, then you are required to go for the ‘chunky’. Apart from this, if you want the stones for your man and yet do not want to limit yourself to the diamond, then you are supposed to add some Birthstones to ring.

What to look for?

Men always like to wear a subtle ring in his hand. For this reason, it is important to go for something simple when it comes to the men engagement rings. On the other hand, you are allowed to go for something with comfort bands. The comfort bands are considered as very comfortable on the hand. Apart from these, the colored gems are likely to be used in the rings for your man. Each and every gem is likely to have a different meaning. In this case, the Birthstones are regarded as the best option. But apart from Birthstones, you are also allowed to go for the sapphire and since the meaning of this tone is destiny so it is likely to carry a great meaning to your partner.

Men’s engagement rings are likely to come with different kinds of metals from yellow and white gold, platinum or silver. Apart from this, there is the two tone ring in which the white and yellow gold is basically used in order to accent piece as well as make rings stand out.Men Engagement Rings - 1


The men engagement rings are considered as the modern twist on the old tradition. Most of the men are likely to wear their rings on the left hand. Then after the ceremony they can use that as a wedding band. You are likely to go for the matching engagement rings set featuring women’s and men’s rings that give you an opportunity to show the world that you too are likely to belong together.

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Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men – The Latest Trend

Among the various kinds of wedding bands, tungsten wedding bands for men offer contemporary and sleek style within affordable prices. Tungsten, chemical element has many amazing properties like it melting point is highest and the tensile strength is even highest. It’s rare and of course durable. Thus, for these properties tungsten wedding bands for men are becoming more and more popular among the modern men.Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Characteristics of Tungsten Wedding Rings for men

Although tungsten is very tensile yet, the bands are not made up of pure tungsten. For making wedding bands tungsten carbide, which is formed by combining equal atoms of carbon and tungsten, is used. After the combination of the two elements, it is mixed with any binder, be that nickel or cobalt and from the compound formed rings are made.

When the bands are made from tungsten, they acquire a light gray color and if they are needed to be darkened then through brush finishing process it is obtained. These bands are extremely tough and hence there are no chances of scratches on them.

Tungsten Wedding Bands are Brittle, Is it true?

Now, before you finally decide to buy tungsten wedding bands for men you need to know everything about it so that after giving it to him on the special day you do not face any problem.

If the durability of the band is of your concern then remember that the bands made up of tungsten carbides are much more durable than gold, silver, palladium or platinum bands. Although it is resistant to scratching, you may have one problem with it that is its brittleness. If too much strength is applied on it, then instead of bending it would break. Now, do not worry, it would bend under extreme pressure that generally does not happen in real life.

Best Styles for Tungsten Wedding Bands

Many men prefer to wear Tungsten rings just for their brittleness. They like the ‘attitude’ of the ring that it would break but not bend. However when you are to choose the best tungsten wedding bands for men try to know the latest trend and styles.

The most popular choice of Tungsten ring is obviously the comfort fit rings, rings that have brushed layers and the flat bands. You can get tungsten rings that are set with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, rubies etc.

While purchasing the tungsten wedding bands for men remember that you cannot alter the size of a tungsten ring, thus check the size of the finger of the groom before you make any purchase, to be on the safe side.Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men - 1

Shopping tips for Tungsten Weeding bands

While you shop for tungsten wedding bands keep the following tips in mind

  • Purchase the band from that retailer who gives your lifetime warranty for the band.
  • Try to avoid any kind of plating on the ring.
  • Before buying the ring, take the ring size properly as tungsten bands cannot be re-sized. It’s better to take the size of the finger at the second half of the day.

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A guide to select wedding bands for men

Men have their own set of preferences which need to be kept in mind when it comes to selecting wedding bands for men. With men, the problem is they will be thoroughly confused as to what might be the right wedding band for them. Men know that they would probably have to wear it for the rest of their lives and hence that makes the task all the more intimidating for them. So when selecting wedding bands for men it is best to follow the given guidelines in order to make the perfect choice.Wedding Bands For Men

The first and most important point – design

This is the most essential point that one has to keep in mind when browsing for wedding bands for men. Now, since this the ring that he will have to wear for the rest of their lives, men will be very particular about its design. Most of the men will want to go for a design that is fairly simple. If studies are to be looked at, one will see that simple bands of gold or any other precious metal are the most popular choices when it comes to wedding bands for men. These are simple and can be worn with any kind of outfit and hence these are the most popular. Bands with engravings on them is also another type that men are often seen wearing.

Figure out the best fit

Before jumping into conclusion about the choice and making a hasty purchase, one might makes sure that the fit is perfect. If the fit is not nice then this sign of communion between souls will become a daily problem. It will keep slipping off or stick too tightly to the finger and might even bruise it. So while selecting wedding bands for men, one should be really careful about the fit.

A mirror to the inner self

Some might be basically traditional by nature, while a few others would be as lively as possible. Every man has his own personal trait and choices. A man is indeed known by the choices he makes and that stands true as well when it comes to buying wedding bands for men. The ring or band must be a mirror of one’s personality. Those who prefer it the traditional way can go for simple gold bands while others who wish to explore a bit can always go for other metals like rose gold, zirconium etc.Wedding Bands For Men - 1

Take care of allergies 

There is also another thing that people must be very cautious of choosing wedding bands for men and that is allergies. Different people have different reactions to a metal. While most men are allergic to nickel, a few might be allergic to gold or silver! So it is best to be aware of whom has which allergy and then make the big buy. It would surely be a mess if one makes a huge expenditure and buys and ring only to find that they or for whom it is meant is allergic to the metal.

If one keeps in mind the few tips given above then selecting the right wedding band for men would become a cake walk.

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What are the primary criteria which are needed to satisfy while buying the wedding rings for men?

When you go out to select wedding rings for men, you need to look after various important factors. Many of the wedding rings these days are built or made, with keeping in mind the proper fascinations of men. These rings are not only made for the wedding purpose, but also they can be used as an accessory in fashion.Wedding Rings For Men

Tradition of wedding rings

The tradition of wedding rings for men arose during the time of the Second World War. The demand of the rings never saw any sort of downfall since that period. It has been heard that the custom to wear a ring on your third finger of your hand, has been considered as a symbol of devotion and eternal love.

Various types of wedding rings for men

If you consider the specific aspect, “wedding rings for men” then a lot of varieties are not available. They are mostly simple and plain bands. But the designs and style among the rings for men has a huge variety.

During the time of its development, the traditional rings were generally popular, people used to have them and wear them at a very high rate. As days passed by, these traditional rings, have been replaced by the modern rings, in which various precious metals like, diamond is being attached to it.

Where can you buy the men’s wedding rings?

When you are going to buy a wedding ring for the man of your life of the wedding day, the most primary thing would be to fix your budget. The wedding rings can be bought ready made from any jewelry shop. These shops contain various designs and styles of rings. You just need to choose the right one for your fiancé, or the perfect man of your life. You can also check on the various websites, which are available for online shopping, in order to buy the perfect ring for your man.

A situation may arise, when you are not satisfied with the readymade rings from the shops. Then you can even ask for a custom design. In this process, you can ask for your own choice of design, add various stones of your choice, and even can mix up various beautiful stones, to provide the ring a beautiful appearance, you can even engrave certain messages or dates on the ring, which would satisfy your fiancé at one go.Wedding Rings For Men - 1

Prices range

The wedding rings for men can be of various types. The price range varies, depending on the different metals, present on them. If the ring is made up of gold, the price range would be high, and diamonds would increase the price to a much higher level. There are various forms of diamonds available, so the price range varies, depending on the type of metals, or stones attached to the rings. So you must have a proper search of the products, then you will be able to buy the ideal ring very conveniently.

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