Lesbian Wedding Rings Are Always Laden With Symbols And Characterized By The Use Of Certain Colors

Importance of symbolism and color in lesbian wedding rings

Lesbian wedding rings are always laden with symbols and characterized by the use of certain colors. There is a reason behind this excess focus being devoted to symbolism and color. Let us try and figure out what that might be.

A prelude to the wedding ring

Lesbians, just like gays have always been a minority in the society. A long drawn and pain staking struggle has helped them to an extent to shed the social stigma that had surrounded them for so long and continues to strangle many in other societies. For lesbians, colors, certain symbols, the use of certain words and certain dressing codes formed a defining feature of their “freedom” movement. These designs and modes have made way into their daily lives. Thus when it comes to lesbian wedding rings these symbols and color codes also come into play. Since the social stigma associated with their choice have for so long placed them at the margins. They have always showed the tendency to stand out. The typical designs of lesbian wedding rings speak volumes to corroborate this fact.Lesbian Wedding Rings

Symbols for ornamentation

Symbols are a very important part of lesbian wedding rings. There are a few
specific symbols which are most commonly found in lesbian wedding rings. The symbol of Venus, which celebrates womanhood is one of the most common symbols that are found. The symbol of the inverted triangle is ideally the symbol which reflects femininity, yet this symbol is not used much in lesbian wedding rings. Actually the history attached to this symbol adds to the horror of it and hence many prefer not to use it. This symbol was mainly used by Hitler to demarcate lesbians, or more precisely women who were unwilling to reproduce and also prostitutes. This might be one of the reasons as to why this symbol is not seen much in these rings.

Color coding of rings

Color is also of significant importance in case of wedding rings for lesbians. The rainbow symbol expresses the rights and freedom of gays and hence rainbow color is a very popular choice. Different colors have different meanings and hence people can chose the color of their choice which describes their partner or their relationship the best. For example, blue symbolizes harmony and hence couples who want the harmony of their relationship on their fingers, will opt for this color. Sometimes the birthstones of either partner are used.

Coming back to tradition

Among all the freshness and creativity that lesbian couples tend to add to their wedding rings. There is always this trend of going back to the traditional. Traditional gold and diamond rings are still a favorite. To incorporate various designs, other metals apart from platinum, gold or silver, like stainless steel is also used. Precious stone studded rings or a simple band of gold or platinum, these also make the perfect choice for lesbian wedding rings.Lesbian Wedding Rings - 1

Wedding signifies the holy occasion when two people come together. It really does not matter whether you belong to the lesbian community or the gay community. All that matters is that two people in love have decided to be with each other for the rest of their lives. In doing so they lay special importance on their bands/rings of love and hence they can do it in any way they want- the lesbian wedding rings are simply a reflection of this thought.

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