Halo Engagement Rings – A Gloriously Eye Capturing Visual Treat Which Looks Heavenly Like The Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings seem much glamorous

The halo engagement rings has a large stone set with the center with the small stones that surrounds it. When its seen in such a way than the appearance which a central stone have a ‘halo’. A common setting which is observed in such rings is the pave setting; the small stones have been mounted in the adjacent rows, such as pavements. Center stone is generally a circular piece which is mounted in the prong setting which elevates gem by giving it the pronounced attention in addition to it. But other shapes such as oval, triangular, pear, square as well as trillion are also seen in the halo styles.Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring is a far famed for its style which accentuates a fire of the gem. Accent stones encase the large gem, if it is set perfectly, then it imparts a spectacularly beautiful look to your ring, and makes the central stone looking alive with the sparkles. Intricate and the delicate designing over the band provide vintage style to the ring with an unceasing beauty. The micro pave, split band, double halo etc are the further features that increase the glace of your ring.

The halo engagement ring with the splendid design is smartly a pocket friendly one for you.

Any style or shape of the gem seems spectacular on a ring one does not need to have any colorless diamond for it. Setting of such ring will provide illusion of a larger stone as compared to the one it is. Supplying you a berth to a shop for the smaller stone. Smaller gems are to be set over the perimeters of a middle stone. They offer freedom to the downgrade on clarity of large rock. Halo engagement ring is a gloriously eye capturing visual treat which looks heavenly like the engagement ring. A broad range of the styles that are used in such rings, which provides the large selection range to you, and you can have which suits to your personality. So enjoy the eternal beauty and the ultimate femininity of these halo styled rings.Halo Engagement Rings - 1

Halo engagement rings give you surety, that center stone seems larger and much more vibrant

By achieving this look and the feel of larger stone in fraction of cost of the increase in the carat value. This setting tends to improve brilliance of diamond, by improving the visual appearance of stone. You may select from the two types of the halo settings; the one in which halo circles flushes against center stone as well as the one in which there is little gap in between halo and the center diamond. Halo diamond rings are for highlighting the stone at the middle. That makes the stone looks at least ½ carat large by doubling or by tripling its size and appearance of center stone increases.

The generally preferred platinum ring is the halo one. You may also use white gold ring. Prices are not cheap on the halo engagement rings and hence you would be cheating to yourself for spending this much of money over halo ring with white gold so go with platinum.

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Halo Wedding Rings: Upholding The Value Of Holy Matrimony

Halo wedding rings: upholding the value of holy matrimony

Weddings are special. If you want to add a touch of your own special feelings for your loved one then halo wedding rings are the perfect choice. Marriage is the coming together of two individuals. It is the beginning of a path wrapped in love and harmony. A grand ceremony or a small quiet gathering of friends and loved ones – it does not matter. All that matters is the happiness and joy that prevails when two people bond together in holy matrimony.Halo Wedding Rings

Ring – the gateway to heart

The ring occupies a place of immense significance when it comes to marriage. A ring can be presented either in an engagement ceremony or on the day when two people in love get married. There is an interesting story as to why the ring is so important when it comes to marriage. Marriage is an institution which primarily focuses on the bindings of love. As popular romanticism goes, love is a feeling which issues from the heart. It is said that a nerve runs from our ring finger directly to the heart! We might wear any ring in any other finger, but the engagement band or the wedding ring has to appear on the ring finger. The ring is thus a gateway to one’s heart and the best way to adorn this gateway are the halo wedding rings.

Why use ‘halo’?

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but nothing speaks volumes than diamonds! Diamond is the stone when it comes to symbolizing matrimony. Halo wedding rings echo this very thought. A large diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds or any other precious stones on all its sides is what basically halo wedding rings look like. It is however not necessary that the stone has to diamond. Halo rings can also be set with other precious stones like ruby, sapphire etc. The term ‘halo’ is used since the stone at the center is surrounded by other smaller stones. It looks like as if there is a halo around the stone in the middle.Halo Wedding Rings - 1

Its type and uses

As mentioned before, depending on the type of stone that is being used, the type of halo wedding rings will vary. The cut of the center stone also varies from one ring to another. The stone might come in a pear cut or the cushion cut. One might opts for old mine cut halo wedding rings or just go for the more traditional round cut. Each cut has its own unique feature and a beauty of its own which perfects any finger it adorns. Halo wedding rings are no small affair. If one wants to show off their engagement ring, halo wedding bands are the best possible choice. Right from embellishing the fingers of royalty (Diana to Kate Middleton), they are very popular these days among celebrities as well.

The most attractive feature of halo wedding rings is the stone at the center. The diamonds or smaller stones surrounding it simply accentuates it beauty. These rings are the best possible choice to gift a loved one on perhaps the most special occasion of one’s life – marriage.

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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings – Modern, Classic, Elegant and Beautiful

Why you are required to go for the cushion cut halo engagement rings?

The cushion cut halo engagement rings are considered as the most popular and in-demand engagement ring. The shape of this ring is between a rectangle and oval. Most of the people think that this ring is modern and very classic also. The central stone is generally surrounded by a particular border. A plenty of variation is seen in this ring. This halo cut design is basically used to create the ring of different looks. Apart from its modern look, its antique style is likely to attract so many people to it.Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings - 1


The cushion cut halo engagement rings are made beautifully that creates an elegant and beautiful as well. The cushion cut is a rectangular or square shape along with the rounded corners, which resembles a pillow and for this reason it is also known as a candlelight or pillow cut. This ring comprises the 58 largest facets (ratio 1.1 for rectangle and 1-1.05 for the square shapes) that allow a better separation of the white light to disperse into the colors of the spectrum. This cut is basically described as the cross between modern oval shaped and old mine cut.

The techniques evolved over many years. A plenty of variations of cushion cut are developed, such as, cushion modified brilliant. Sometimes it may have an extra row of the facets on the pavilion, which alter the look of cut, giving it the 64 facets as well as the noticeable extra scintillation which is considered as ‘crushed ice’ or ‘sparkling water’ effect.

The development of the cushion cut was mainly done in the 19th century. Thereafter, it continued to develop and evolve. But this cut was originally invented in 1400s and at that time it was basically known as ‘table cut’. It became the Peruzzi cut in the 1700s since some innovations made with it by Vincenzio Peruzzi. Then in 1800s, it was known as ‘pillow’ or ‘candlelight’ cut by drawing attention to fact that large facets have displayed the best potential in the candlelight. The cushion cut halo engagement rings became even more popular in the 1900s.

Modern use of cushion cut

Since the cushion cut is very popular, so it will be difficult to look for a straight version. For this reason, it is basically hidden under some terms like rectangular cushions, square cushions, old minders, large Culets, no Culets, crushed ice, broken glass, chunky cushions, classic cushions, etc. Today, the cushion cut halo engagement rings are sometimes accompanied with the diamond ‘halo’ and thus it brings even more emphasis to center stone as well as adding the shine to ring overall.Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings


Cushion cut is considered very popular as engagement rings because of its extra facets since it allows more light to disperse through stone. It never makes stone brighter rather gives this ring a classic and romantic appearance. Most of the popular gemstones are known to be the cushion cuts, such as, 128.54 carat yellow Tiffany diamond, 140.5 carat regent diamond, 45.52 carat blue hope diamond etc.

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