Black Gold Engagement Rings – Truly Amazing, Fabulous And Elegant

Black gold engagement rings – truly amazing, fabulous and elegant

Gold is universally accepted as the most ideal metal for making jewelry and golden rings were popular from as back as 15th century. Gold is mixed with other metals to make jewelry items since pure gold is a very soft metal. The Karat weight of gold denotes its purity. The 24 Karat is the noble metal in its purest form since it is 99.9% pure. Since the 24 Karat is not mixed with any other alloy metal it is too soft as well as expensive. The jewelry manufacturers use different grades of gold such as 22 Karat, 18 Karat, 14 Karat, 12 Karat and 10 Karat to make the jewelry products strong and durable. Moreover, the jewelry items that are made of gold with lower Karat weight are more affordable since they contain less quantity of pure gold.

Gold is available in a variety of colors like white, yellow, rose, and black. White gold acquires an amazing black and gray finish when it is plated with black rhodium. The 14 K black gold is used as the standard alloy for making black gold jewelry due to its exclusive shiny finish, durability and scratch resistance. Black gold engagement rings are the perfect blends of black gold and precious stones – either diamonds or natural color gold engagement rings

An amazing blend of black gold and gemstones

When the black gold engagement rings are made of 14K gold, they contain 58.3% by weight of pure gold and 41.7% by weight of the alloy metal such as rhodium. Apart from providing the elegant black finish, rhodium makes the gold hard and resistant. Since rings, bracelets, bands, etc. are subjected to frequent abuse, 14 K gold is the best option for these types of jewelry items. Moreover, the 14K black gold alloy is hypoallergenic in nature and the rings made of this alloy appear very beautiful as well as elegant. The engagement rings that are made of black gold and studded with black diamond or blue sapphire are exceedingly awesome and diamonds are very effective in bringing out the shine of the black gold. The perfect blending of black gold with diamond or color gemstones enables production of rings that are strong, durable and amazingly colorful.

Increasing popularity of black gold rings

The value of 14K gold, the beauty and strength of black gold jewelry and its durability as well as affordability are the reasons for the high demand for black gold engagement rings in the market. Since these rings are decorated with diamonds or other precious stones their beauty as well as value is unlikely to go down. Many people who hadn’t purchased even a single piece of black gold jewelry have developed an affinity towards black gold jewelry items due to various reasons. First of all the price of gold often goes upward and everyone cannot afford to buy gold jewelry made of 22K or 18K gold. While 14K gold is more affordable, due to the increase in gold prices it is wise to buy black gold jewelry also since 14K gold contains 58.3% by weight of pure gold.

Apart from the fact that everyone admires the beauty and elegance of these black engagement rings, they are really worth and the heavier rings contain more gold by weight. Those who prefer other jewelry items that are made of 22K or 18K gold also opt for engagement rings made of black gold because of its unique black and gray shine. Men and women who by nature prefer jewelry items of traditional types also like to gift their would-be partner with something that is unique and highly stylish. For them the rings made of black gold are the best options. Moreover, many people who search for jewelry items as gifts for their partners find that engagement rings that are made of black old and studded with diamonds or other natural gemstones suit best to the personality of the individual who will be wearing the same.

Effect of black rhodium-plating

Gold jewelry in different colors other than yellow became popular during the 20th century. The different colors were provided to the jewelry by using different types of alloys. Black gold has been widely accepted as an elegant and attractive alternative to yellow or white gold. The black rhodium-plating provided unique shine to gold and the awesome black and gray finish of the black gold engagement rings enabled them to stand among the most outstanding pieces of fashion jewelry. The rings that are made of black gold are made to look gorgeous as well as stunningly beautiful when they are adorned with black diamond or sapphire stones. Those who want to purchase engagement rings made of black gold can also choose unique designs for the rings according to their tastes and preferences.

Engagement rings for women

Men while selecting the engagement rings for their sweethearts want to ensure that the ring that they choose must be in line with her style as well as personality. Those who choose black gold engagement rings can get them customized to her styles. The black gold rings can be accented with diamond or other natural gemstones that will suit to her finger. Those who browse the huge collections of various online jewelry shops can easily find out black gold engagement rings of superior quality and awesome designs for very competitive prices. Most of the people who buy engagement rings made of black gold opt for the rings that are studded with the best quality black diamond so as to enhance the beauty of the ring which has a unique black and gray shine.

Women are immensely pleased when they are gifted with black gold engagement rings by their future partners. The reason is that every woman wants to be unique in her appearance. When they wear the black gold ring which is accented with black diamond or blue sapphire they can grab the attention of others to them just within a few seconds. This kind of attention by others makes them overwhelmingly happy as well as proud.

Truly valuable gifts

Men who choose black gold engagement rings for their future partners are in fact providing them a gift that is valuable as well as unique. The rings are made of 14K gold with other valuable accents such as diamonds or other precious stones. Rings made of 14K gold in a variety of stunning designs are readily available in the market and also one can opt for customized wedding rings according to his tastes. By way of gifting women with engagement rings made of black gold men are in fact making it easier for their lovers to get ready for different occasions or different places because the black gold ring is a perfect match to all their other outfits.

Black will match with all colors. Apart from the dresses, the black ring is a perfect match to all types of other jewelry items that they want to wear. The highly sophisticated black gold ring makes their jewelry set as a whole more stylish as well as beautiful. The black engagement ring is one of the best as well as the most valuable gifts that a man can present to his future gold engagement rings 1

14K black gold rings for men

Women are very particular about giving a unique as well as wonderful gift to their would-be partners on the occasion of their engagements. By way of gifting the men with beautiful black gold engagement rings they can make the engagement as unique events. The engagement ring will be a very special gift when it is of a unique design. Since these rings are made of 14K gold and are strong and durable, the men are able to use them for a long time. By way of offering the 14K black gold ring accented with diamonds or other precious stones of genuine quality as her gift, a woman can express in true sense her affection and care towards her mate.

It will be a proud as well as fulfilling moment for the bride when the bridegroom wears for the first time the engagement ring made of black gold which was gifted by her. The engagement rings made of black gold that are presented by women to their lovers are not only stylish and beautiful gifts but also are luxury items since they are made of gold and precious stones. Men are happy to wear the rings made of black gold that are adorned with black diamond or other gemstones.

Black gold rings with Ruby

The engagement rings that are made of black gold are often decorated with black diamond or natural gemstones of other colors. Those who are in search of black gold rings that should stand out among all other rings can opt for ruby engagement rings made of black gold. Ruby engagement rings are very popular due to the exclusive beauty, brilliance and durability of Ruby. Moreover, Ruby is rare. When the engagement ring that has an amazing black and gray finish is accented with Ruby stones, it becomes more fabulous as well as elegant. Both black gold and Ruby are tested for their stability and durability. Black gold Ruby engagement rings are available in a variety of stunning designs.

Many people prefer black gold ruby engagement rings because of its spiritual aspect also.

Ruby is considered as the precious stone that symbolizes strong passion. Ruby has the power to inspire people who wear the jewelry that contains the stone. It is believed that ruby will always help the wearers to find out the right path in their lives. Many people opt for the black gold ruby engagement rings as gifts to their mates mainly for the passion and inspiration that arte the characteristics of the stone. People also believe that the combination of black gold and the red ruby stone symbolizes true love.

The black gold increases the shining of the ruby stone. Those who prefer to have engagement rings with simple designs can opt for the black gold ring with a red color ruby that is round cut and studded with ruby stones of smaller size. For those who are born in the month of December, ruby is their birth stone. Engagement rings with big ruby stone at the center and one small black diamond on each side are also available. All these rings are based on the belief that the unique combination of black and red represents the sense of grace.

For those who want to choose black gold engagement rings that are of a completely different style, the black gold ruby ring is an exciting option.

Black gold Tanzanite engagement rings

The black finish with a tinge of gray makes the black gold engagement rings so beautiful as well as gorgeous. The rings are made more elegant by decorating them with precious stones like diamond, sapphire or ruby. Black gold rings studded with blue colored natural tanzanite stones are also available in the market. The presence of the tanzanite stones that are of royal blue color makes the rings more elegant and stylish. While rings with tanzanite stones are available in a variety of designs, the buyers can get customized rings also by opting for specific designs that may be halo, solitaire or vintage.

The rings that are adorned by tanzanite stones are comparatively more expensive because tanzanite stone is very rare and is available only from one place in the world. The natural tanzanite stones that are of AAA quality are blue in color with a purple tinge along the border. The stones are highly brilliant and tanzanite is also the birthstone for those who were born in the month of December. Tanzanite symbolizes understanding and insight.

Black diamond engagement rings

Most of the men and women who want to purchase black gold engagement rings as gifts for their mates prefer to buy the black gold rings that are decorated with diamonds. The basic reason is that diamonds are durable and the black diamond appears more elegant when it is a part of the black gold ring. Now, black gold rings that are adorned with black diamond are favorite choices of celebrities also. When brides as well as grooms wear the black gold ring with a black diamond on it, their appearance gets a stunning boost. Brides who are very particular of making unique appearance can also have their black gold engagement rings with pink diamond on them.

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Rose Gold Wedding Band: For That Added Hue

Rose gold wedding band: for that added hue

It is always good to experiment with colors and for that one can opts for a rose gold wedding band if a plain gold or silver diamond ring do not appeal to them much. Every color acts as a signifier of certain traits. While white is popularly believed to be the symbol of peace, black is more associated with the notion of doom. However these color coding vary across cultures. For example, the Occident believes that the color white signifies an auspicious occasion, and hence we have white bridal gowns. The Orient believes that white is the color that signifies a widow or a widower. The story behind each and every hue of color is rather interesting and hence while experimenting with colors a little knowledge about its history always adds a different dimension to it.rose gold wedding band

It’s all about the color

Rose gold is a somewhat gold which is mixed with copper to add the red hue to it. Rose gold as a metal is also used in other items than rings and bands, like flutes. Rose gold is also sometimes referred to as red gold or pink gold because of the reddish tinge it has to it. Roses are flowers which are associated more often with love. Hence roses serve to be the perfect color when it comes to commemorating an occasion of love like wedding. A rose gold wedding band provides one with the perfect option when it comes to blending color with the occasion.

With or without diamonds

Diamonds are considered to the ideal stone when it comes to wedding rings or bands. It just might be that someone does not prefer diamonds. When it comes to a rose gold wedding band the benefit of this particular color is that it goes well with as well as without diamonds. The color itself speaks and hence diamonds are not needed to add to its luster. A rose gold wedding band can be worn every day, without looking too ornamental. It is in fact the perfect kind of a wedding band, since wedding bands have to be worn daily.rose gold wedding band - 1

If someone however has a fetish for diamonds as well as likes to experiment with the rose gold color, then too, a rose gold wedding band would make the perfect choice. Rose gold wedding bands come in various types of designs. Minute and finely cut small diamonds make the perfect combination for a rose gold wedding band. These are extremely beautiful and suave which lends a different side to one’s personality. The color of the rose gold beautifully complements the brilliance of diamonds and thus adds a shine to the fingers.

If one is looking for a safe choice, which is not only pocket friendly but also ideal for daily wear, then a rose gold wedding band makes the perfect cut. Studded with diamonds or intricately designed or a simple band – the color itself is one of elegance and hence looks beautiful with every complexion. While selecting a wedding band it should be kept in mind that the person will have to wear it every day and hence it is best to avoid something that goes extremely over the top.

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Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands Speak Volumes About A Man’s Character And Choice

Designing a look for your fingers with men’s white gold wedding bands

There are various forms of gold that can be used when it comes to wedding bands and the most popular these days happen to be none other than men’s white gold wedding bands. This is a choice which is more predominant for the “mightier” sex. A combination of subtlety and sophistication, men’s white gold wedding bands speak volumes about a man’s character and choice. White gold is often confused with platinum these days. It is mainly because of the fact that they look the same. However they are very different. Let us find out's white gold wedding bands

What is white gold?

First and foremost, white gold and platinum can never be the same metal since the former is derived from gold while the latter is not. Now, we all know that gold is not white in color. So, something must be added to it to make it white in color. What is added to gold to make it white? Any metal which is white in color like palladium or silver might be added to it to add the whitish hue to the golden hue of gold. Depending on whether the white gold is of 18 ct or 9ct or 14 ct, the amount of white metal added to the amount of gold will vary.

Men’s white gold wedding bands can either be of 9ct, 14ct or even 18ct. However that is not all. In order to complete the transformation, when the white gold has just been created it is plated with another metal known as Rhodium. Rhodium itself is white in color and is a lot likes platinum. Previously men’s white gold wedding bands used to use nickel but it is not practiced any more these days. Some people have allergic reactions to nickel and hence the use of nickel is not encouraged any more. Since Rhodium is white in color like platinum, a white gold band when plated with rhodium becomes very difficult to identify. People often confuse white gold with platinum. White gold as a metal is also used to make other jewelry items like pendants and's white gold wedding bands - 1

Simplifying opulence through elegance

Since white gold is a durable metal it can be moulded to create various interesting designs. From simple sleek bands to grand designs, men’s white gold wedding bands have every design to boast of. Generally since men like to keep it simple a single white gold band with a diamond in the center is a very popular choice. Traditionally wedding bands were simple bands, cut perfectly to fit the finger it was meant for. Keeping this in mind, the traditional men’s white gold wedding bands are designed. These are simple bands of white gold, the breadth of which might vary. White gold as a metal is very sophisticated. Since it blends with the skin color it is not harsh to the eyes.

Men’s white gold wedding bands are very popular these days and more and more are opting for them since they make a safe yet classy choice.

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White Gold Wedding Bands Are A Rage These Days: Defining Refinement

White gold wedding bands: defining refinement

White gold wedding bands are a rage these days. People tend to opt more for white gold than platinum, since though both look almost the same, white gold is much less expensive than the rare metal platinum. It is basically a combination of yellow gold and any other metal which by its properties is white in color. Today we raise a huge hue and cry over white gold wedding bands but there is a very interesting history to the popularity of white gold as a metal.White Gold Wedding Bands

Peeking into the past

If one thought that white gold is phenomena restricted to only the later half and twenty first century, then it is time for them to think again. It was since the early part of the nineteen hundreds. Or more precisely the 1920s from when white gold started to gain recognition as a popular metal for jewelry.

White gold wedding bands were a hit back then as well. Generally Rhodium, which is also white in color, is used to paint the nascent white gold to add more whiteness to it these days. However back in the days when the world wars ended, nickel was more popularly used to plate the white gold. The reason behind this was that nickel which had been so long restricted within the military itself was now available in the market at a cheaper cost. However it was observed that nickel produced a lot of allergies on various skin types and hence rhodium took its place.

Your ring needs care

We need to take care of ourselves in order to ensure that our body functions well. We can keep up with the daily problems that we face. The same is also true for white gold wedding bands. If one does not take good care of the bands, it will corrode with time. White gold is not as strong and solid as gold or platinum. Hence white gold wedding bands require more care than ordinary golden wedding bands.

There is no need to become apprehensive. The steps are really simple and if one follows them, the wedding bands will look new forever. If white gold wedding bands develop a scratch there is no need to worry. One simply needs to be patient. These scratches with the passage of time blend with the tone of the band and becomes even with it. Like any other ring white gold wedding bands also become dull when it comes with the contact of other soaps or detergents.White Gold Wedding Bands - 1

All one needs to do in such a scenario is to wipe the band with a soft cloth. So that it sustains no scratches in the process. One must remember however that the plating that is provided on the top consisting of rhodium will decay with time. This is something that one cannot avoid. However there is a simple solution to it. If one sends back the white gold wedding bands which have become a little discolored to the jewelers, then a re-plating can be always done. In no time will the old and discolored band be shiny and bright as a new one.

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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – Special, Timeless and Worthy

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings gift for lifetime

Engagement is one of the special occasions in one’s life. Yellow gold engagement rings are always special because of the fact that these rings are the first thing which are shared by the couple who wants to live a perfect and happy life together so this first thing that is the first engagement ring should be special and unique. At the present time very less workers can copy them, one other difference between the because the cutting work in new rings is done by the help of lasers. So this could be concluded that the way of proposing for marriage to a special one will become more special if done with the yellow gold engagement rings.Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Significance of the Ring

Gold is present in many forms or colors like the most popular color present is the yellow gold and many more colors are there. The color of the yellow gold will not fade as it becomes older because of the metal component that is in the alloy mix. Selection of the right type of engagement ring is a very crucial task and requires a lot of knowledge and research of the metal in which you are investing. Women prefer engagement rings of high quality and unique design because the ring will be an integral part of their life after the marriage which makes yellow gold engagement rings more special.

Always buy the ring with your instincts and design which appeals you the most. Yellow gold engagement rings are most famous because they can be worn with the dress of any color. Yellow gold metal Jewelry and rings are available in various designs and style according to the latest fashion trends for the buyers.

Purity of Gold

The yellow gold engagement rings come in the different variants and also in different prices according to the budget of the buyers. These are available at any jewelry shop which is near to once residence and are also available at many online shopping sites on the internet. Rings are always special because of the fact that the ring is the first token that is shared by the couple who wants to live a Perfect and Happy life together.

Gold jewelry worth and price are always dependent on the purity of the gold, but maximum pure gold cannot be used in the jewelry formation because of the softness of the pure gold. These gold rings are timeless and worthy to buy. Couples prefer to buy exclusive engagement rings for their partner that is the reason they research thoroughly before selecting final one.Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - 1

The trends of gold metal rings are now increasing as everyone wants to make their love life’s first moment special and for this they are using these yellow gold engagement rings which are easily available from the internet shipping sites as well as from some big jewelry stores where there is a huge variety of the rings that one can use as the special gift to a special person on the occasion of the engagement of the couple.

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