Design Your Own Engagement Ring Is Nowadays Possible

Things that you must know to design your own engagement ring

Design your own engagement ring is nowadays possible. If you are the groom then you know the right choice of the bride. Your loved ones may not like a ring that is being tailored of her choice. There are many couples nowadays those who choose their ring according to their choice. This means that they give a design to the shop and they made it out for the couple. This could be meaningful to both of them.Design Your Own Engagement Ring

As all of the chefs prepare the required ingredients before cooking likewise you should know about the required things before ordering. The required things are like:

  • The diamond that one is being used to make the ring
  • The band which is being used to hold the ring
  • Lastly the setting, purpose.

The cutting

The most beautiful rings are usually based or considered which have a high finishing. The highest finishing is being referred as best cutting. The ring which has been cut or polished, well will glow more and look bright. So the cutting should be so done that your loved one like it.

Among the different types of cuttings the round brilliant is the most common cuts. Most men prefer the multi faced cutting of diamond. The polishing gives a bright as well as a fiery look. Shapes are available in the shops, so that’s not a big deal to design your own engagement ring.

Coming to the band

The diamond which is being placed on a surface is called as a band. The band enters into the ring finger, so it should be settled so that, it does not lose its glow. Setting it in the step style is being the best way to forecast the ring as because there is the chance of maximum exposure.

Sometimes couples prefer mixed cutting like a baguette with lozenge or emerald cut. Mixed cutting is most difficult, but once it is done the fiery side rises up and the diamond looks pretty. Mostly chosen mixed cuts are princess the Flanders and the barion for the design your own engagement ring.

The setting part

Once the band is chosen up, now you should assure that the diamond gets set more and more without touching the base. If the engagement ring is not placed or settled then the looks may get differing up and thus the bride may hate it. The prong setting is the most important setting. The setting comprises of holding the diamond at its four corners. The number of corners may get changed, i.e. from five to six depending upon the diamond that you have taken, mainly the shape matters.Design Your Own Engagement Ring - 1

The sparkling effect

The sparkling or the shinning of diamond occurs when the diamond touches less. Most people choose the prolonged setting because light reflects more in this setting. Another setting that people choose is the bezel setting. A soft metal is worn throughout the diamond. This type of setting is assured of a big shaped one, the looks give of a traditional one thus you can now design your own engagement ring.

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