Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings – Modern, Classic, Elegant and Beautiful

Why you are required to go for the cushion cut halo engagement rings?

The cushion cut halo engagement rings are considered as the most popular and in-demand engagement ring. The shape of this ring is between a rectangle and oval. Most of the people think that this ring is modern and very classic also. The central stone is generally surrounded by a particular border. A plenty of variation is seen in this ring. This halo cut design is basically used to create the ring of different looks. Apart from its modern look, its antique style is likely to attract so many people to it.Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings - 1


The cushion cut halo engagement rings are made beautifully that creates an elegant and beautiful as well. The cushion cut is a rectangular or square shape along with the rounded corners, which resembles a pillow and for this reason it is also known as a candlelight or pillow cut. This ring comprises the 58 largest facets (ratio 1.1 for rectangle and 1-1.05 for the square shapes) that allow a better separation of the white light to disperse into the colors of the spectrum. This cut is basically described as the cross between modern oval shaped and old mine cut.

The techniques evolved over many years. A plenty of variations of cushion cut are developed, such as, cushion modified brilliant. Sometimes it may have an extra row of the facets on the pavilion, which alter the look of cut, giving it the 64 facets as well as the noticeable extra scintillation which is considered as ‘crushed ice’ or ‘sparkling water’ effect.

The development of the cushion cut was mainly done in the 19th century. Thereafter, it continued to develop and evolve. But this cut was originally invented in 1400s and at that time it was basically known as ‘table cut’. It became the Peruzzi cut in the 1700s since some innovations made with it by Vincenzio Peruzzi. Then in 1800s, it was known as ‘pillow’ or ‘candlelight’ cut by drawing attention to fact that large facets have displayed the best potential in the candlelight. The cushion cut halo engagement rings became even more popular in the 1900s.

Modern use of cushion cut

Since the cushion cut is very popular, so it will be difficult to look for a straight version. For this reason, it is basically hidden under some terms like rectangular cushions, square cushions, old minders, large Culets, no Culets, crushed ice, broken glass, chunky cushions, classic cushions, etc. Today, the cushion cut halo engagement rings are sometimes accompanied with the diamond ‘halo’ and thus it brings even more emphasis to center stone as well as adding the shine to ring overall.Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings


Cushion cut is considered very popular as engagement rings because of its extra facets since it allows more light to disperse through stone. It never makes stone brighter rather gives this ring a classic and romantic appearance. Most of the popular gemstones are known to be the cushion cuts, such as, 128.54 carat yellow Tiffany diamond, 140.5 carat regent diamond, 45.52 carat blue hope diamond etc.

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