Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets Are No Doubt A Pocket Friendly Choice

Choose the alternative with cubic zirconia wedding sets

If you are tired with the same old diamond wedding rings, then to offer you some respite there are the cubic zirconia wedding sets. While some of us prefer to stick to the traditional path, there are others who wish to step into the not so often treaded road. When it comes to wedding rings, diamonds are no doubt the most popular choice. What about the path breakers? What about those who want to step out of this diamond craze and opt for something new instead? For them there are the CZ wedding sets.cubic zirconia wedding sets

Understanding CZ

Before we move on into a detailed discussion about cubic zirconia wedding sets let us try and understand what exactly cubic zirconia is. The word cubic is a derivative of the figure cube (a symmetrical figure with six faces). From zirconium dioxide we get the term zirconia. Thus when the crystalline form of ZrO2 is structured in the form of a cube we have the cubic zirconia ready for us. More than often zirconia when used in the CZ wedding sets are colorless but colors might be added to it. Since it is optically flawless it reflects light properly. It is also very hard by nature and hence not easily breakable. That makes it a perfect choice for wedding rings.

A substitute for diamond

The cubic zirconia wedding sets are nothing but a replacement of diamonds. However, one might question as to why do we need this replacement. The most important point here is the strain on the pocket. Diamond is a very rare stone and because of its hardy nature it is one of the most precious and costly ones as well. However CZ wedding sets are not that expensive since zirconia is not that precious as diamond. Though it adds the same brilliance and luster as a diamond does it is more easily obtainable than diamonds and hence is much less expensive. So cubic zirconia wedding sets are no doubt a pocket friendly choice.cubic zirconia wedding sets - 1

Cuts and choices

It may be a less expensive choice than diamond rings but there is no dearth of options when it comes to cubic zirconia wedding sets. All the popular diamond cuts are applicable for these wedding sets as well. In fact these crystals are best suited for any form of metal like platinum or more popularly silver. Cubic zirconia combined with silver is perhaps the most pocket friendly choice that one can goes for. CZ wedding sets come in a variety of designs – single bands with a crystal at the center or two bands conjoined with the help of a crystal, whatever one wishes for is available.

Gold plated wedding band with cubic zirconia is also another very popular choice. If one wants to try out something really sophisticated one can always opt for a sleek and slender band of silver with cubic zirconia crystals lining a substantial length of the ring. These are excellent when it comes to every day wear. Since wedding bands are something which one will wear every day.

Cubic zirconia wedding sets are thus a perfect choice when it comes to replacing diamond wedding rings.

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