Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings – A New And Awesome Addition To Fancy Jewelry

Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings – a new and awesome addition to fancy jewelry

The women who want their engagement rings in the traditional style opt for diamonds that are clear whereas those who want the engagement rings according to the latest fashions instead of the traditional type are more likely to develop interest in chocolate diamond engagement rings. The rings that are made of chocolate diamonds are known for their unique beauty and elegance. The popularity of this type of engagement rings is rapidly increasing. Even celebrities are seen wearing the rings that are made of brown diamond while attending special events and gatherings.

The chocolate diamond falls under the category of brown diamonds. The brown diamond stones in general symbolize confidence, harmony and reliability. All types of brown diamond rings including the chocolate diamond engagement rings have the common spiritual features of diamond such as promoting true love, upholding purity, ensuring strong and clear mind, keeping self-respect and protecting from evil forces. Just as other types of gem stones the brown diamonds also have specific meanings. The color, type, shape and cut of the gem stone decide the meaning of the stone.
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Quality of chocolate brown diamond

The natural brown diamond is available in different types and chocolate diamond is one among them. The natural colored diamonds are more expensive than the color enhanced diamonds. The color treated brown diamonds are also made from the natural white diamond. In that case the quality of the chocolate brown diamond depends on the quality of the white diamond from which it is made. The chocolate brown diamond will look vivid and will be of excellent quality if the same is made from white diamond of excellent quality. When poor quality white diamond is used, the chocolate brown diamond will be less vivid and also will appear grayish brown or muddy brown. Moreover, there will be inclusions on the diamond that are visible to naked eye.

The chocolate diamond will be lacking the expected brilliance when it is made from the white diamond of poor quality. Those who want to buy chocolate diamond engagement rings should ensure that the central stone of the ring is a single brown diamond which is sufficiently large. The diamond should sparkle and it should be of rich chocolate brown color. By opting for cognac color also one can get diamond of rich golden brown color.

Variety of styles

Nowadays, many people prefer to have the chocolate diamonds since they like the color and enjoy wearing jewelry items such as rings made with the chocolate diamonds. In general, the colored gems are very beautiful. The chocolate brown diamonds look amazingly beautiful as well as elegant. The chocolate diamond engagement rings that are made from good quality white diamond are indeed valuable pieces of jewelry. The chocolate diamond, which is a type of brown diamond, became very popular in recent years. Men and women who require a more attractive substitute for the traditional white diamond in their wedding rings opt for the chocolate diamond rings that look very attractive and fashionable. The chocolate diamond bridal rings are available in a wide range of styles and patterns.

Other aspects of chocolate diamond rings

In the chocolate diamond rings, normally the rings are made of either yellow or white gold. A unique feature of the chocolate diamond engagement rings is that most of them are adorned with white diamonds also. The white gems and the dazzling shady gems together produce an eye-catching contrast. The addition of Turquoise also makes the chocolate diamond rings remarkably beautiful. Australia is the major source of chocolate colored diamonds. Since the brown color of the chocolate diamond is purely a natural characteristic it can provide the power to grow as well as accumulate wealth. Chocolate diamond is also a great source of energy. This gem stone need not be recharged. It can provide strength and stamina and increase the power of other stones. Chocolate diamonds are considered very valuable since they are extra ordinary. It is not so easy to get chocolate diamond jewelry of good quality.

Health benefits of chocolate diamonds

Those who have the chocolate diamond engagement rings should not consider them only as fashionable and attractive jewelry items. By wearing the chocolate diamond rings we get numerous health benefits also. Apart from providing strength and stamina to the body, chocolate diamonds cleanse the body by detoxifying the various systems. They balance the body metabolism and heal allergies and various chronic ailments. Chocolate diamonds can improve the eye sight and provide relief from glaucoma. These gemstones have the power to activate the brain and they effectively treat faintness and lightheadedness.

Specially selected natural brown diamonds

Most of the chocolate diamonds that are provided in the best quality chocolate diamond engagement rings offered by the reputed and reliable jewelry shops are specially selected gem stones from the natural brown color diamonds of Australia. The selection and separation of the beautiful, rare variety of chocolate brown diamonds is not easy since the poor quality brown diamond is present in high percentage. The good quality chocolate brown diamond will be even less than 5% of the total quantity of brown diamond. Since the best quality chocolate diamond jewelry is made using the specially selected diamond stones, they are considered highly valuable and precious.

The low prices of chocolate diamond rings indicate that the good quality natural brown diamonds are blended with gem stones of inferior quality in order to make the price attractive. The chocolate diamond bridal rings are available in a variety of designs.  The unique look of the chocolate diamond makes the rings so attractive as well as majestic in their appearance.

For a grand selection of engagement ring

The chocolate diamond rings are indeed excellent choices for the brides as well as grooms. The high value of the brown diamond makes it a good investment also. Men and women share their true love and happiness with their prospective brides or grooms by gifting them the beautiful and highly fashionable chocolate diamond rings on the occasion of their engagement. The striking presence of the majestic and highly stylish chocolate diamond engagement rings inspires all those who are present at the function. The friends and other members of both families are likely to admire the grand selection of the engagement ring.

Those who browse the amazing collections of chocolate diamond jewelry items of the online jewelry shops can find out the highly beautiful and stylish engagement rings that are made of the best quality chocolate diamond rings that are cut perfectly. The sparkling chocolate diamonds are affixed in exclusive rings of 14K or 18K gold. Chocolate diamond rings made of platinum are also available in these jewelry shops. Those who purchase these engagement rings should ensure that they are made of the higher quality brown diamond stones.

Conversion of brown diamonds

The lattice defects in the brown diamond can be rectified by converting them into yellow stones or even colorless stones. For this conversion the stone are subjected to a high-pressure, high-temperature treatment. The presence of brown color in pure diamond can be due to various reasons like lattice defects, presence of nickel impurities and irradiation treatments. If the brown color is due to irradiation or nickel impurity, the same can be easily detected by spectroscopic analysis. In the cases of most of the natural brown diamonds, the absorption peaks will not be there.
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Quality standards

The reputed jewelry manufacturers who are making the chocolate diamond engagement rings always adhere to strict quality norms while procuring the brown diamond stones. The stones are procured from Australia and they will be part of the best 5% portion of the good quality natural brown diamond. On the Argyle color scale for diamond, the natural brown diamond stones range from C4 to C7. The stones from the top 5% will have more than 20 points. The best quality is ensured by choosing the diamonds for clarity, cut and color. When the stones are of the best quality, there will be no visible inclusions in them.

Today chocolate diamond jewelry items are of a distinctive class in the jewelry shops in numerous countries in addition to the US, European countries, Hong Kong, China and the Middle East. The spiritual characteristics and the health benefits of chocolate brown diamond also made the chocolate diamond jewelry so popular. Today, millions of people the world over enjoy wearing the chocolate diamond jewelry. Brides and grooms consider their chocolate diamond engagement rings as very precious treasures.

Still affordable

The chocolate diamond rings continue as popular items in the jewelry shops. These rings are the best examples of the wonderful as well as exciting combination of color diamonds and gold. The chocolate diamond bridal rings are available in innumerable designs. The upward trend in the pricing of chocolate diamond jewelry is a proof for the increase in demand as well as the rarity of the brown diamond. However, the chocolate diamond is not as expensive as the white, red or pink diamond. Though it is a rare type of diamond, chocolate diamond is still affordable and when compared to white diamond, chocolate diamond is very cheap.

Brown diamond jewelry – a recent addition

The natural brown diamonds are not as fascinating as chocolate diamonds. The fact is that chocolate diamonds are nothing else but, brown diamonds that are specially selected to ensure quality. Apart from the white diamond there are the other types of diamond – brown, yellow, blue, green, pink, red and black. Among all these types, brown diamond is the most common type. People were unaware of brown diamonds for a long time because it was not used to make jewelry. Previously, brown diamond was used only for industrial purpose.

Jewelry items made of brown diamond were introduced during 1980s. Now bridal rings made of chocolate diamond in a gold setting is a stunning choice especially for women. Instead of going for regular brown diamond rings, it is advisable to go for the trademarked chocolate diamond engagement rings so as to ensure the best quality, design and workmanship. Those who want to purchase the chocolate diamond rings can select the rings from a variety of settings as well as combinations. One should always ensure that he or she buys the best quality diamond only and a grading report prepared by a reputed laboratory should be provided along with the diamond.

Designing a chocolate diamond ring

Those who buy chocolate brown rings should ensure that the diamond is of good quality and good cut. Brown diamond of good quality will have a high amount of sparkle. Unlike the white diamond, brown diamond will not reflect the light in rainbow colors. A good quality brown diamond with the best cut is indeed precious. Those who design the chocolate diamond engagement rings should also decide the metal for making the ring. Though different types of metals can be used for making the rings. The ring setting made of rose gold is considered as the best for chocolate diamond rings. This will ensure a smooth transition from the brown color to the rose gold ring. The brown diamond ring with rose gold setting is very beautiful to see since it has a very pleasant combination.

The chocolate diamonds are not classic diamonds and the color of the diamond stands out very strongly in the case of brown diamonds. Hence when the ring setting is made of yellow gold or white gold the contrast may be too vivid. However, all the decisions depend on the tastes and preferences of the brides or grooms who will be wearing the chocolate diamond engagement rings. There are many men and women who like strong contrasts very much. Those who really like them are able to make the right decision also and their final selection will be absolutely fine.

Though chocolate diamond rings are available in fancy settings as well as solitaire settings.

Majority of people are of the opinion that the rings with the fancy setting look better. Some people who want to select a diamond ring with chocolate color also go for either fancy yellowish brown or fancy dark yellowish brown. Some of the people go for fancy dark orange brown also.

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