A Guide To Select Wedding Bands For Men

A guide to select wedding bands for men

Men have their own set of preferences which need to be kept in mind when it comes to selecting wedding bands for men. With men, the problem is they will be thoroughly confused as to what might be the right wedding band for them. Men know that they would probably have to wear it for the rest of their lives and hence that makes the task all the more intimidating for them. So when selecting wedding bands for men it is best to follow the given guidelines in order to make the perfect choice.Wedding Bands For Men

The first and most important point – design

This is the most essential point that one has to keep in mind when browsing for wedding bands for men. Now, since this the ring that he will have to wear for the rest of their lives, men will be very particular about its design. Most of the men will want to go for a design that is fairly simple. If studies are to be looked at, one will see that simple bands of gold or any other precious metal are the most popular choices when it comes to wedding bands for men. These are simple and can be worn with any kind of outfit and hence these are the most popular. Bands with engravings on them is also another type that men are often seen wearing.

Figure out the best fit

Before jumping into conclusion about the choice and making a hasty purchase, one might makes sure that the fit is perfect. If the fit is not nice then this sign of communion between souls will become a daily problem. It will keep slipping off or stick too tightly to the finger and might even bruise it. So while selecting wedding bands for men, one should be really careful about the fit.

A mirror to the inner self

Some might be basically traditional by nature, while a few others would be as lively as possible. Every man has his own personal trait and choices. A man is indeed known by the choices he makes and that stands true as well when it comes to buying wedding bands for men. The ring or band must be a mirror of one’s personality. Those who prefer it the traditional way can go for simple gold bands while others who wish to explore a bit can always go for other metals like rose gold, zirconium etc.Wedding Bands For Men - 1

Take care of allergies 

There is also another thing that people must be very cautious of choosing wedding bands for men and that is allergies. Different people have different reactions to a metal. While most men are allergic to nickel, a few might be allergic to gold or silver! So it is best to be aware of whom has which allergy and then make the big buy. It would surely be a mess if one makes a huge expenditure and buys and ring only to find that they or for whom it is meant is allergic to the metal.

If one keeps in mind the few tips given above then selecting the right wedding band for men would become a cake walk.

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Titanium Wedding Bands For Men – Lightweight, Hypo Allergic, High Durability And Strength

Why choose titanium wedding bands for men?

Married couples know how important wedding bands are to them. Due to durability titanium wedding bands for men are being bought. Titanium rings also offer many unique properties. They are lightweight, hypo allergic, have a high durability and strength and are corrosion resistant.

Making of the ring

Titanium wedding bands for men are made out of titanium bars, sheets or out of tubes. The material is cut into the desired shape and the size in which the ring will be made. The metal is so much durable, it can be used in the same mechanism, and stainless steel is made and handled. The original jewelry techniques of soldering and rolling are not applicable in case of titanium. But leaving those techniques the metal can be textured and fabricated using an inert atmosphere.Titanium Wedding Bands For Men


Titanium wedding bands for men has become very popular jewelry in the recent years due to its unique properties. The most important properties of it is hypo allergic and non toxic in any amount. If you have any kind of allergy to other jewelry of gold or silver, you can definitely wear titanium jewelry as it will not react with your skin. The metal is highly resistant to corrosion


Anodization of titanium is the process by which a thin film of oxide is produced in the titanium ring to impart color to the ring. The process is an electrolytic process. After the completion of the ring into the final product it can be dipped in a cola electrolyte and DC voltage of around 100V is passed through the electrolyte. The voltage applied is the controller of the thickness of the oxide layer and thus the color of the ring. Anodization makes the metal more resistive to metal. Virtually any color can be obtained on the ring.


Inlaying is the process by which different metals are put into one ring but without mixing. The metals are crushed and channeled and at the end forced into place using high pressure. The metals sit side by side on the ring. This makes an otherwise ordinary ring to look distinguishable. The inert nature of titanium also aids the process of inlaying without any reaction. Inlaying is totally a different process and should never be confused with the process of alloying.

Styling of the ring

Over the brief history of time some styling procedures have been found out to make titanium wedding bands for men look more dashing.Titanium Wedding Bands For Men - 1

  • Classic – This is the simplest form of titanium ring. It is generally round or oval without any touch of machining equipment.
  • Mokume-gane – this makes the ring appear wood grainy. It was applied to ancient samurai swords.
  • Sable – It makes the ring look soft silky.
  • Frost – It makes the ring look as if it has been frozen.


To conclude this article on titanium wedding bands for men we see that instead of buying a gold or platinum ring you can opt for titanium wedding bands for men for your fiancé.

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Black Wedding Bands Are Generally Unusual Enough To Draw Attention

Why the Black wedding bands are more special?

What will the most special day in your life? Obviously the answer is pretty much sure it would be your wedding day. The recent trend in the market is to use the black wedding bands made out of tungsten. Mottle the, men want to go for the traditional wedding rings on the market or the designs that are much more royal and much more authentic. Still the women prefer to wear the tungsten rings because of the thought that sometimes when the ring is exposed to extreme sunlight the ring tends to flow. Although the ring is black it tends to glow in sunlight.Black Wedding Bands

You must choose the ring in a proper way caring both about the bride and the groom. Their likes and natures must be taken into consideration while choosing the ring. The ring or the band signifies the meeting of the two souls or the two mates. Black wedding bands are generally unusual enough to draw attention and so they are classy enough to ignore the gleaming eyes. A black tungsten ring would surely suit you and make you stand out of the crowd.

Their structure and the making

Many of the tungsten rings are different in structure, though they are made in black color they have a different color central band. Interesting designs are also found on the central metal ring. They are generally made out of white or silver color. The most recent design is the red black color design that is mixed with the silver color to produce a very beautiful ring that can accompanies a diamond on them. The classiest of the rings are the ones that carry diamonds on them.

The tungsten rings are generally made out of silver and then they are studded with a diamond on top of them or the ring design is made out go silver. Tungsten rings with diamonds on them are typically made for engagement purposes, but there are other options available for the rings.

Where to get these wedding bands?

The most easy and convenient way of getting these black wedding bands is to search for it on the internet and collect information about the ring. But there are other dealers who can make these types of rings if you order them. Still by searching the internet one can gets access to all kinds of rings that the store has kept in minutes. But once you got to a store it would take minutes to judge it and then buy it.

It is also useful to know about the size of the ring because sometimes the size of the ring is related to the price that it comes in. Also, your ring size is a matter of fitting and thus they should be ordered after there is fitting in the groom’s finger. Sometimes the stone should be ordered half the actual size in order to fit it best in the ring.Black Wedding Bands - 1

They shower Popularity and class

Many of the black wedding bands come with stylish and appealing shipping boxes that can increasingly increase the amount of their value and class. The black tungsten wedding ring is the classiest and favorite ring of the customers in the market and thus you must also give it a try.

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