Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands: For That Added Sparkle

Men’s diamond wedding bands: For that added sparkle

Every gender has its own preferences; a man would surely not want to done a feminine wedding ring on his fingers. So, it is best to look for the perfect wedding ring for men in the men’s diamond wedding bands collection. Collection here of course specifies a type and not a product range. Now, what becomes essential in this discussion is to figure out the basic characteristics of a perfect wedding band for's diamond wedding bands

Wedding bands: to be worn everyday

When it comes to wedding band for both men and women it is important for us to remember that wedding bands are something that each partner wears every day. There is hardly any occasion or event that can prompt one to open the wedding band. So it is clear that the design of the wedding band should not be something too ornamental when it comes to men’s diamond wedding bands. A simple sleek band with a diamond perfectly exemplifies bliss and splendor and it is something that can be worn every day with any outfit of one’s choice. Everybody loves to carry a symbol which portrays their love for their spouse. But no men would want a huge ornamental art piece on their fingers every day. So it is best to go for simple designs when it comes to selecting from men’s diamond wedding bands.

Metals for the perfect band

Gone are the days when a gold band with a diamond center were the only design for men’s diamond wedding bands. We live in an age of experimentation. More and more new metals or a mixture of metals are being used to create unique and sophisticated designs. One always has the option of going for the traditional choice – gold and diamond. But one nowadays there are plenty of other options to choose from. One of the most commonly used metal these days other than gold is stainless steel. Crafted into perfect bands, studded with one big stone or a few smaller ones, these rings of all men’s diamond wedding bands have a minimalistic approach that has tremendously worked in its favor.

Apart from stainless steel, silver and diamond are another very popular choice when it comes to diamond wedding bands. If one is looking for something really unique then one can try the combination of stainless steel and black ceramic. This perhaps the finest of most men’s diamond wedding bands.

men's diamond wedding bands - 1 The band is sleek and perfectly round with a small diamond adorning the center.
If black is not one’s preferred color then a ring of tungsten and carbide is there to add that silvery touch to the fingers. The main benefit of using silver bands is that they are not flashy and perfectly compliment the skin tone. Platinum of course is another very special choice. In fact platinum and diamonds are the most trending combination when it comes to men’s diamond wedding bands.

Wedding bands should be selected really carefully since they are meant to be worn for the rest of one’s life. A proper and careful selection ensures that one will enjoy wearing it and be able to carry it off with élan.

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White Gold Wedding Bands Are A Rage These Days: Defining Refinement

White gold wedding bands: defining refinement

White gold wedding bands are a rage these days. People tend to opt more for white gold than platinum, since though both look almost the same, white gold is much less expensive than the rare metal platinum. It is basically a combination of yellow gold and any other metal which by its properties is white in color. Today we raise a huge hue and cry over white gold wedding bands but there is a very interesting history to the popularity of white gold as a metal.White Gold Wedding Bands

Peeking into the past

If one thought that white gold is phenomena restricted to only the later half and twenty first century, then it is time for them to think again. It was since the early part of the nineteen hundreds. Or more precisely the 1920s from when white gold started to gain recognition as a popular metal for jewelry.

White gold wedding bands were a hit back then as well. Generally Rhodium, which is also white in color, is used to paint the nascent white gold to add more whiteness to it these days. However back in the days when the world wars ended, nickel was more popularly used to plate the white gold. The reason behind this was that nickel which had been so long restricted within the military itself was now available in the market at a cheaper cost. However it was observed that nickel produced a lot of allergies on various skin types and hence rhodium took its place.

Your ring needs care

We need to take care of ourselves in order to ensure that our body functions well. We can keep up with the daily problems that we face. The same is also true for white gold wedding bands. If one does not take good care of the bands, it will corrode with time. White gold is not as strong and solid as gold or platinum. Hence white gold wedding bands require more care than ordinary golden wedding bands.

There is no need to become apprehensive. The steps are really simple and if one follows them, the wedding bands will look new forever. If white gold wedding bands develop a scratch there is no need to worry. One simply needs to be patient. These scratches with the passage of time blend with the tone of the band and becomes even with it. Like any other ring white gold wedding bands also become dull when it comes with the contact of other soaps or detergents.White Gold Wedding Bands - 1

All one needs to do in such a scenario is to wipe the band with a soft cloth. So that it sustains no scratches in the process. One must remember however that the plating that is provided on the top consisting of rhodium will decay with time. This is something that one cannot avoid. However there is a simple solution to it. If one sends back the white gold wedding bands which have become a little discolored to the jewelers, then a re-plating can be always done. In no time will the old and discolored band be shiny and bright as a new one.

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Mens Diamond Wedding Bands – Love, Togetherness And Silent Witness

Choose the Best Metal for Mens Diamond Wedding Bands

On the wedding day, mens diamond wedding bands would not only represent love and togetherness, but would also be the silent witness, who is going to observe every moment of your married life. These bands are considered to be sign of eternity and they make you related to each other as you start to walk on the unknown path of conjugal life. Thus, it’s important that when you choose the wedding band for your man, it should be unique and make people feel its presence.Mens Diamond Wedding Bands

Creating a Style

For choosing the mens diamond wedding bands you also need to choose the style of band that you would give. However, before you choose the metal, you need to decide what would be the style of the diamond band.

Classic wedding bands may be the most common choice, but you may also choose among all the various modern varieties available. While choosing you need to remember that it is something that you would be wearing every day and hence it should be comfortable enough for you to wear it on regular basis.

Metal Preferences

Once you decide the style you can choose among the various metals available and that includes

  • Gold

The most demanded metal for wedding bands till date is of course gold. Whenever you think of mens diamond wedding bands, the picture that comes to your mind is obviously a band made up of gold and studded with diamond. Among the various types you would get rose, white and yellow gold bands. You can engrave anything on gold as it is malleable and soft and engraving is easy on it.

  • Platinum

Although it’s rare and valuable metal, yet it is gaining popularity recently. Moreover its high gloss appearance and hypoallergenic nature makes it the first choice of most wedding ring shoppers. Even diamonds go very well with this metal and this metal is the most prestigious metal among all the various kind of metals used for making mens diamond wedding bands.

  • Silver

If affordability is the first concern then the metal that would top the list is silver. After polishing, the sterling silver bands become very reflective and hence are the best choice of those who are looking for economical wedding bands. If you want the silver band to be protected from tarnishing then you must use rhodium coating.

  • Titanium

Titanium is an industrial metal and thus is strong and durable. The wedding bands made from it are generally long lasting. Moreover, being hypoallergenic, it is the best choice for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. Men who are not used to the sporting rings can try this metal as its light weighted and gives a relatively darker hue.Mens Diamond Wedding Bands - 1

Thus, once you choose the metal it becomes easy for you to decide one wedding ring for your groom among the many mens diamond wedding bands. It may not be so easy but if you check out everything properly then you would surely land up in something that would make you proud every time you see the ring on his hand.

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Wedding Bands For Women – The Symbol of Never Ending Love

The Symbol of Never Ending Love – Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding bands for women have been the symbol of love and commitment since ages. When you see a wedding band on the ring of another person you know that that person cannot be courted anymore. Pertaining to the special occasion that related with the wedding bands, there are made up of different metals and different styles of bands are designed every day. The styles of wedding bands for women and the wedding bands for men are more or less same but the size differs. Before finding out the latest styles related to the wedding bands let’s see what history wants to tell us about the bands.Wedding Bands For Women

History of wedding bands

Among all the earlier civilization, the importance of wedding bands has been acknowledged. In the Egyptian civilization, the wedding bands were considered to be the symbol for love and dedication. The shape of the band that is circle was considered to be the sign for the never ending love that the couple had for each other. Even in the Roman Empire, these bands were looked as a contract of love between the man and the woman.

For centuries it was found that it was women who only wore the bands as the symbol of commitment towards the men. However, during the 2nd World War, when men were shipped off to other countries for fighting the war, this practice was also started among the men and they started wearing the bands as their symbol of love for the lady they left back at home.

Even the style of the wedding bands for women has been varying since ages. During roman times, it was found that they were fashioned from iron, which was the strongest metal available then. Iron was used for the wedding band as this band represented a bond that could never be broken. Gradually bands made up of silver and gold were also being introduced and used by men and women alike.

During the puritanical times, it was found that the wedding bands for women were made from the bottom part of a thimble. During that period jewelry was considered to be wastage of time and money and hence for engagement men and women would exchange thimbles and after wedding the lower part of the thimble was cut and given to the lady.Wedding Bands For Women - 1

Modern style

However, time has seen much evolution in the designs and make of the wedding bands for women.  Now, it would be very tough to find a wedding band made up of iron, but yes, you would get a lot of other options with which the wedding bands are made up of. You would find some of them are entrusted with precious gems and has a very elaborate design. Some of the bands for women are only gold bands and no designs on them. Actually now the bands are chosen according to the choice and personality of the person who would be wearing it.

Many times, many couples engrave a message on the wedding band for each other, while some engrave the date of their wedding on it. Whatever is the style and fashion, one thing that these bands show is the eternal love that remains unchanged since ages.

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Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men – The Latest Trend

Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men – The Latest Trend

Among the various kinds of wedding bands, tungsten wedding bands for men offer contemporary and sleek style within affordable prices. Tungsten, chemical element has many amazing properties like it melting point is highest and the tensile strength is even highest. It’s rare and of course durable. Thus, for these properties tungsten wedding bands for men are becoming more and more popular among the modern men.Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Characteristics of Tungsten Wedding Rings for men

Although tungsten is very tensile yet, the bands are not made up of pure tungsten. For making wedding bands tungsten carbide, which is formed by combining equal atoms of carbon and tungsten, is used. After the combination of the two elements, it is mixed with any binder, be that nickel or cobalt and from the compound formed rings are made.

When the bands are made from tungsten, they acquire a light gray color and if they are needed to be darkened then through brush finishing process it is obtained. These bands are extremely tough and hence there are no chances of scratches on them.

Tungsten Wedding Bands are Brittle, Is it true?

Now, before you finally decide to buy tungsten wedding bands for men you need to know everything about it so that after giving it to him on the special day you do not face any problem.

If the durability of the band is of your concern then remember that the bands made up of tungsten carbides are much more durable than gold, silver, palladium or platinum bands. Although it is resistant to scratching, you may have one problem with it that is its brittleness. If too much strength is applied on it, then instead of bending it would break. Now, do not worry, it would bend under extreme pressure that generally does not happen in real life.

Best Styles for Tungsten Wedding Bands

Many men prefer to wear Tungsten rings just for their brittleness. They like the ‘attitude’ of the ring that it would break but not bend. However when you are to choose the best tungsten wedding bands for men try to know the latest trend and styles.

The most popular choice of Tungsten ring is obviously the comfort fit rings, rings that have brushed layers and the flat bands. You can get tungsten rings that are set with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, rubies etc.

While purchasing the tungsten wedding bands for men remember that you cannot alter the size of a tungsten ring, thus check the size of the finger of the groom before you make any purchase, to be on the safe side.Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men - 1

Shopping tips for Tungsten Weeding bands

While you shop for tungsten wedding bands keep the following tips in mind

  • Purchase the band from that retailer who gives your lifetime warranty for the band.
  • Try to avoid any kind of plating on the ring.
  • Before buying the ring, take the ring size properly as tungsten bands cannot be re-sized. It’s better to take the size of the finger at the second half of the day.

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