Aquamarine Engagement Rings – Durable And Are The Best Choice For Non-Diamond Unique Rings

How gorgeous looking on aquamarine engagement rings?

Many gorgeous aquamarine engagement rings are considered as the best choice for the men and women who are looking for the non-diamond unique rings. It is regarded as one of the best and most popular gemstone to use for the wedding or engagement rings. There are various reasons for which you are supposed to go in this ring.Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Durable and unique

The aquamarine engagement rings are known to be very durable. It is likely to rate at 7.5 to 8.0 on Moh’s Hardness Scale. For this reason, it is regarded as very highly durable that is likely to hold up to the daily wear-on par with the Morganite and topaz. The aquamarine is generally found in the nature with the inner inclusion as well as outside blemishes. Very high clarity gemstones without any blemishes and inclusions are likely to have minimized the risks for cracking or chipping it exposed to the increased pressure or hard knocks.

Apart from its durability, it is known to be very unique. Gemstones wedding and engagement rings have become very popular in these years. These rings which are made with the aquamarine is there to offer an unique take on popular sapphire, ruby and emerald engagement rings. The subtle water blue of the aquamarine combined with the vivid flashes of the light is likely to showcase a classy and clean look. Therefore, it becomes sophisticated and unique at the same time.

Priced for any budget

Some of the most inexpensive brilliant aquamarine engagement rings are made with the aquamarine gemstones available for less than the $500. On the other hand, the exquisite rings featuring diamonds and aquamarine are available for $500 dollars. You are supposed to get the rings with a wide range of price and variety. Apart from this, there is an endless amount of the styles of rings to choose from.

Aquamarine is versatile

Aquamarine is considered as a gemstone cutter’s dream. It generally cuts cleanly and has very low risk of cleaving or breaking. The gemstone is likely to be cut into any kind of shape and for this reason it is likely to be styled in order to fit any type of engagement ring that includes brilliant round, emerald, princess shape, Asscher etc. On the other hand, the gemstone cutter sometime uses the aquamarine to experiment with different types of designs and cuts.

The aquamarine is basically discovered in large carat size which includes high clarity gemstones weigh hundred of the pounds. For large size of the aquamarine, the aquamarine engagement rings are generally available in a wide range of the carat, sizes from intricately cut gemstones to the vivid and large Gumball sizes.Aquamarine Engagement Rings - 1


The aquamarine engagement rings are mainly valued by the quality of aquamarine gemstone and for its cut. The custom cut is regarded as the most highly valued.  The aquamarine with lighter hints of green is very beautiful and elegant. It is known from the above discussion that there are many reasons to go for the aquamarine engagement rings.

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