3 Stone Engagement Rings – The Perfect Choice To Propose To Your True Love

Are 3 stone engagement rings the perfect rings for your loved one?

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is a very hard work. 3 stone engagement rings are often the sought after engagement rings of all time. They are the most beautiful rings of all time. Many people think that these 3 stone engagement rings are their last choice in choosing an engagement ring. The elegance of this ring lies in its structural beauty. It consists of three main big diamonds, which are basically impossible for women to resist. The most famous of this type of ring is the three stone trellis.3 Stone Engagement Rings

What the ring means?

These 3 stone engagement rings often have their own story to tell and to do with the combination of two loving hearts. The three stones basically represent the past, the present and the future of the relationship that was vowed under the oath. These rings are often referred by people as trinity ring or the trilogy ring. The ring is a definitive symbol of the loving relationship of the couple.

Other uses

As the 3 stone engagement rings represent the different phases of the couple’s relationship together, the rings can also be bought as anniversary rings. People can purchase three stone rings like the trellis to commemorate their tenth or their twenty-fifth anniversary.

Characteristics of the ring

Most of these rings are made of three identical size diamonds. But many a times a central big diamond is given to make it look more beautiful. The center diamond ring can be chosen to be either princess cut or brilliant round cut diamonds. The recent popularity of the princess cut diamond has made the three stone trellis ring quite popular among couples.

Different kinds of 3 stone engagement rings

  • 3 stone U-prong diamond engagement ring – This ring consists of three round shaped diamonds; one big in size and two smaller in size.
  • 3 stone engagement rings with baguettes – This ring has a big diamond in the center surrounded by two rectangular shaped diamonds.
  • Moonlight ring – The only interesting characteristic of this ring is that the two smaller diamonds are half moon shaped. This one is of the rarest kind.
  • Piccolo diamond engagement ring – Apart from the three diamonds of the ring there are smaller diamonds placed on both sides of the two smaller diamonds.
  • 3 stone trellis – Any ring with a big round or princess cut diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds of any size is acceptable to fit this category.3 Stone Engagement Rings - 1


Couples can choose to modify and do personal customization to make the rain suit them perfectly.

  • More diamond can be added to the ring and change it into an eternity band.
  • Different stones can be added in place of diamonds to make it look funky.
  • You can create the ring using three different shaped diamonds.

3 stone engagement rings are the perfect choice in engagement rings to propose to your true love or to gift your better half as an anniversary gift.

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