Ruby Engagement Rings – The Token Of Love And Bond

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings are the token of love and bond.

The stone deals with all the physical assets of the body. Ruby Engagement Rings signify quality of being courageous, loyal and vital. Red colored stone is closely associated with fire and blood, so the rubies correlate with warmth and life for humanity. The ruby engagement rings considered one among the most precious stones among the most common gemstones – emerald, sapphire and diamond are responsible to rapport the passionate love feelings within oneself.

The sparkling red stone in the ruby engagement ring proves to be a masterpiece complemented by the quality of being exceptional. The round framework possessed by a ring signifies how long a relationship is bound to be, just like a round shape that has no corners. The fact is interrelated with a Ruby engagement ring which is itself a symbol of being in a compassionate love relationship.Ruby Engagement Rings


They range from red, rich dark red to pigeon blood red and even pinkish red. Rich red rubies are the most precious ones that are added with a hint of blue tone. The women who preferred rubies in ancient times often have a passionate life. Ruby is considered perfect for all jewelry kinds because it is the hardest and the most durable gem.

Large rubies can summon higher prices than similar sized diamonds. The stone is first looked onto for its intense color and then its brilliance and liveliness; the lightest color Ruby is called to be pink sapphire in tone. The treatment for ruby include white gold and platinum for modern look and gold for traditional.


  • They may protect and help receive life force.
  • Can be kept under the bed to get rid of bad dreams.
  • Enables sexual love to be more passionate and helps develop self-love.
  • Removes infection or germs in the blood.
  • Strengths a person to have valour more likely as an individual may possess.
  • It is superstitiously believed that the Ruby can help overcome from lover’s quarrels.

Ruby engagement rings act as an emblem that reminds us of an unended bond a person can share. Rubies are rare, enchanting looking stones and are perfect for engagement rings. A myth confronts Ruby, that is, if the session of true love does not go well, the tone of ruby gemstone in the engagement ring becomes darker. Ruby is combined with the traditional white diamonds to give a varied structure.Ruby Engagement Rings - 1

While choosing an engagement ring, one must consider that a ruby engagement ring tends to instruct attention; therefore one needs to be sure that the other jewelry pieces and the master-piece go well on the big day. They even showcase the ultimate dependency on tradition and culture. Ruby engagement rings are classy and glamorous suiting every attire which may compliment every piece in the wardrobe. Many nowadays many looks for non-traditional styles with center stones for their rings that even add to a statement is the center stone very well accompany the outer rubies in the ‘Ruby Engagement Ring’.

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