Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band: A Reflection Of The Inner Soul

Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Rose gold mens wedding band: A reflection of the inner soul

Rose gold mens wedding band is all about crafting one’s personality into perfection. This perfection can be added with change. Wondering how? Let us find out.

Change is the only constant. This is a proverb which has never been proven wrong. Whatever field it might be, something or the other keeps on changing; which keeps it mobile, which enriches it. Wedding rings are also something which has experienced this change. Gone are the days when a simple gold band, sometimes with a precious stone was the only designs that were available for men as wedding rings. Time has changed and with it has brought rose gold mens wedding band.Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Components of this metal

Surely we do not get gold out of roses, so what is it that the rose gold mens wedding band is made up of? Take almost 58.5% of what is pure gold and add some copper to it – and you have your rose gold of 14-karat ready! The copper is added to give a dash of color to this gold, so that it stands out. The color of this metal is its most unique feature and this is what lends uniqueness to it.

A plethora of choices

The rose gold mens wedding band comes in a lot of designs. Simple rose gold bands to intricately carved bands – all are available. There are plenty of designs to choose from. Thus those who like to keep it traditional with a touch of newness can always go for the classic round fitted rose gold mens wedding band while those who are looking for ways to experiment a little bit can always opt for more off beat designs. Some of the more popular choices are bands which are intricately carved, the warp and weft designs, the square band etc. If one wants diamonds in their wedding band then rose gold bands with diamonds at the center or all throughout its circumference are also available.Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band - 1

Benefits of rose gold bands

If one thought that rose gold mens wedding band were only about creating a style statement characterized by something different, it is time to think again. There is one particular very interesting feature about rose gold that makes the rose gold wedding bands more durable. Rose gold is of 14-karat gold, as we have seen before. This gold combined with copper is more resistant than 18-karat rose gold and hence the former is less scratch prone than the latter. Thus the rose gold mens wedding band can be exposed to regular use without any fear of scratches. Another essential feature of these rose gold bands is that by adding color they accentuate one’s skin tone. The band becomes very prominent and hence catches the eye.

Wedding rings are something which remains with a man for the rest of his life. It is his right to opt for something fresh if he so wishes, since he would have wear that ring for the rest of his life. Rose gold mens wedding band increases his choices to select from and allows him to step out of the ordinary.

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