Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings For The Lady Of Your Dreams

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Why choose princess cut diamond engagement rings?

The princess cut diamond engagement rings are surely made for the woman of your dreams. There are many different ways in which a crude diamond can be cut, cleaned and sold. The price of the diamond varies due to these cuts. The princess cut diamond is only the second most sought after diamond cut shape.Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The cut

The cut is made very carefully on the face of the diamond. The face to face up is square or rectangular in shape. The other side is on the diamond is of the shape of an inverted pyramid with four sides. The princess cut has an unique style in its cut. It has a modified step cut, which is unique. The chevron shaped facets combines with one another to give the stone a cross shaped distinction when directly viewed from the top. More the chevrons are there on the diamond more will the diamond gets a shape like crushed ice.


This princess cut diamond is a relatively new diamond which came into existence in the 1960s. It instantly gained appreciation and importance than the more famous round brilliant cut. The round brilliant cut is the traditional diamond cut, which you can normally see in showrooms. But if a princess cut and a round brilliant diamond of the same diameter is weighed, the princess cut diamond will weigh more. This is because the princess cut diamond retains its four corners which are otherwise cut down in round brilliant to produce the round.


The princess cut diamond is slightly cheaper than the other diamond cuts. Moreover, it is cheaper than the round brilliant cut diamond. Even if both the diamonds are of the same size, carat, color still the princess cut diamond is slightly cheaper. This is because the princess cut retains 80% of the rough diamond whereas the brilliant cut retains only 50% of the rough diamond. This makes princess cut a most popular diamond cut among diamond cutters. The price is low it is also a good choice for princess cut diamond engagement rings.

Advantages of the cut

The advantage of getting a princess cut diamond is that the stones are actually square shaped. Square shaped diamonds have a lot of usage in the field on jewelry designing and making. Square stones can be used to make eternity bands where they can be set in one continuous strip without any gap. The princess cut as you know is relatively cheaper so otherwise buying a smaller brilliant cut diamond you can buy bigger princess cut diamond engagement rings with the same price tag.Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings - 1


To sum up this informative article on princess cut diamond engagement rings you should know that this is one of the latest choices in engagement rings. It is also considered to be the most crucial of the new diamond cut or shape for diamonds. But make sure you buy a good looking princess cut diamond engagement ring because you don’t get to propose to the girl you love twice.

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