Opal Engagement Rings – The Bridal Rings That Always Stand Out

Opal Engagement Rings

The Bridal Rings that stand out always – Opal Engagement Rings

The opal engagement rings are today very popular among men and women who are in search of engagement rings that make them not only distinctive but unique. The Opal stone is identified easily because of its characteristic color flashes which are visible from a distance. Though the opal diamond is light weight, it is bold and bright. The opal is the most unique type of natural gemstone because of the exciting fact that no two opal stones are alike. This ‘one of a kind’ characteristic makes opal a unique natural product from earth. Those who want to appear unique can easily fulfill that wish by wearing a gold or platinum ring with an opal fixed at the center which is flanked by two white diamonds.

White diamonds are considered as the traditional gemstones for wedding rings. However, in modern times both brides and grooms want to replace the white diamond with other types of precious stones that are more beautiful and elegant so that the engagement rings will be unique as well as highly fashionable.
Opal Engagement Rings

Interesting facts about Opal

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia and the Australian Opal engagement rings are now very popular the world over. The flashing radiant colors within the stone make this gemstone highly appealing. The beam of all the colors of the rainbow right from purple to red is produced as a flash inside the opal stone and the beam f radiant colors inside opal is known as opalescence. No other gemstone can enable the brides to make such a unique, awesome and majestic appearance as done by the engagement ring that is made of opal.

Today opal is one among the most preferred gemstones and as a result, the most amazing jewelry items that are designed and made in Paris are also adorned with Opal stones. A range of Opal stones are produced in Australia that includes the Boulder Opal and the very famous Black Opal. Among the various gemstones that are used to make engagement rings, Opal is at the sixth place. Once upon a time Opal was considered as the most prestigious gemstone. Those who wear Opal are believed to be loving, passionate and highly creative. The large sized opal stones with their mesmerizing color flashes symbolize the wealth of the person who wears them.

Selecting the best Opal Ring

Men and women who want the best as well as the most suitable opal for their engagement rings are likely to be perplexed with the different varieties of opal as well as the range of colors. The most attractive feature of an Opal stone is the color that is shown by the stone and the value of the opal is determined from its color. Brides are overwhelmed with excitement when they wear the opal engagement rings mainly because of the many colors that are flashed by the stone. Blue opals and purple opals are the most common varieties. However, there are green, yellow, orange and red opals also. Since red opal is very rare, it is the most expensive type of opal. However, people who want to buy opal engagement rings need not be under the impression that the ring with a red opal is the best choice.

Body color and shape

Based on the body color there are three types of opal – light opal, black opal and Boulder or Matrix opal. Boulder opal is in between the other two. From the body color of the opal, one can say how the colors are shown by the opal stone. The colors shown by the Black opal are amazingly bright because of its dark body tone. This aspect has made Black Opal the costliest type of opal. Normally, opals are oval shaped. The Boulder type opal comes in free shape. Those who buy opal engagement rings are fortunate of wearing the awesome rings till the end of their lives since opal rings can be made durable if cared in the proper manner.

Since the users of opal rings will be wearing them daily, it is all the more important to take special care of the jewel. In order to protect the opal the rings they are provided with a bezel that will cover the edges of the opal. The opal ring should not be taken out when the surroundings appear very harsh. Opals are fragile type of gemstones and they are affected by changes in humidity and also by thermal shocks.

Though opal by nature is not so durable, the same opal rings are used by generations and still they remain in good condition. This is possible only by taking the best care of the opal ring. Vintage as well as antique opal engagement rings are also available. They are considered as valuable items because of the gorgeous opal stone that adorns them. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver are the most ideal metals for making opal rings.

The best choice for women

The opal engagement rings are ideal outfits for women. The light weight of opal and the amazing beauty and elegance of the gemstone make it one of the most preferred choices of the brides. Most of the women expect that their wedding rings must so unique and fashionable that they grab the attention of other people from a distance. Opal wedding ring is the most suitable jewelry that fulfills their wish. By virtue of the color flashes opal is clearly visible from a distance.

Besides being beautiful, light weight, fashionable and visible from a distance, the opal bridal ring is well affordable. Men who are in search of gift item for their brides that will make them happy and excited can straightaway opt for the opal engagement rings. In many cases, a truly fashionable and unique engagement ring made of opal will be the gift that the brides expect from their grooms.

Purchasing opal wedding rings

Men who want to purchase opal engagement rings for their brides that can make the women unique as well as superbly fashionable may browse the amazing galleries of the online jewelry shops where they can find huge collections of opal wedding rings in awesome designs. One can choose the ring according to his requirement, taste, preferences and budget. The bridegroom is the best judge to select the most suitable opal ring for his bride. It is advisable to get the opal engagement rings appraised as well as insured in case they are very expensive. The value of the opal ring is very much likely to go up provided it is perfectly preserved. The high water content of the stone makes opal very precious.

The truly special engagement rings

The opal engagement rings that are made of 100% genuine opal stones from Australia come in a range of attractive colors. The opal stones are polished with great care and the rings are crafted in numerous amazing designs. Today, most of the women who think outside the box expect something that is different from tradition and also more meaningful. There are also many women who are against spending a huge sum for buying the diamond engagement ring. They are sure to find the engagement rings made of opal within their budget, stylish, unique and light weight.

What Opal means?

The Opal has various meanings like love, passion, inspiration and creativity. Since opal is considered as the stone of inspiration, people who wear the opal rings are likely to improve their imagination as well as creativity. Opal is in fact a water stone since it carries more quantity of water when compared to other stones. Just as water has the power to flow in its own way in spite of various obstacles on the way, opal can provide the energy to move forward in our path without getting affected by the obstacles that may arise. Opal has the power to enhance the memory of those who wear the stone. Opal also helps to come out of confusion. Opal is believed to have extra ordinary spiritual powers.

When a person wants to be unnoticed by others, the opal that he wears makes him invisible. Opal is also a protective stone. When a person passes through dangerous places or when he is amidst various dangers, the opal that he wears ensures his safety. The water energy of opal enhances the feelings of self-worth and self esteem. Opal can effectively control human emotions.  When a person is mentally agitated, opal calms him down, makes him hopeful and ensures him peace of mind. People who wear opal can be free from nightmares and they can enjoy happy dreams. Opal inspires love in the minds of the people.
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Opal is also known for its healing powers.

Opal provides relief from headache, Parkinson’s disease and high BP. It can improve eyesight and is effective in regulating insulin levels, alleviating PMS and improving body metabolism. Opal acts as a healing agent by spiritually supporting the process of healing. All types of opal are sources of light as well as inspiration. Opal is auspicious for men and women who were born in the month of October and also for those who celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary.

From the history of Britain we come to know that Queen Victoria gave Opals as wedding gifts to her daughters. All of them had a happy and peaceful life. In Asia, opal symbolizes hope.

Opal helps a person to be aware of his full potential and also it facilitates lightness as well as spontaneity.

Besides promoting creativity and originality, opal makes a person interested in arts. The absorbent and reflective characteristics of opal make a person to admit the thoughts and feelings, expand them and then allow them to return to their source. Opal enables a person to express his positive thoughts and emotions and makes him to realize that what he sent out will return to him. Opal also symbolizes justice and harmony.

Opal is considered as a stone with seductive powers and it enables human beings to come out of inhibitions. Opal stabilizes one’s emotions and men and women who wear opal rings tend to be faithful and loyal. Opal has a lot of physical powers. It can provide relief from fever and various other infections. Opal purifies blood and cleanses kidneys. Opal ensures comfortable childbirth and also it acts as an elixir for the eyes. Opal is considered as the most powerful gemstone in providing health benefits. It makes the body strong enough to resist infections. Opal provides relief to those who suffer because of their addiction to chemicals. The stone enables them to regain control over their lives.

Chemistry and physical properties of Opal

Opal is a very soft and delicate stone. It is normally translucent and basically Opal is hard silica with moisture content up to 20%. However, the best quality opal stones are transparent. Opal has no crystal structure.  The best quality opals come from Australia. Apart from Australia opal is found in US, Mexico, South America, Canada, Brazil, UK, and Slovakia. Opal comes in a range of colors such as white, violet, red, blue, pink, orange and brown. The opal stones are small in size and they possess glassy glow. The interference of light rays that are transmitted by the opal stone is the cause for its characteristic color. Black opal is the rarest variety and hence the most valuable also. The black opals are in fact not purely black but their tone is darker when compared to the white opal. The pure white opals are comparatively cheaper.

The distinctive gemstone for bridal rings

In modern times the brides and grooms have a lot of options for their engagement rings. Today there are engagement rings that feature different gemstones other than diamond. The brides today have on their fingers wedding rings that feature aquamarines, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and many other types of gemstones. However it is a widely accepted fact that no other engagement rings are as gorgeous and elegant as the opal engagement rings. Opal is known for its unique shine and sparkle. The greatest feature of opal is that it flashes all the colors of the rainbow.

All the different colored varieties of opal are equally enchanting. The internal structure of the stones enables them to produce the highly amazing play of colors. Opal engagement rings always stand out and none of the other types of engagement rings can create lasting impressions as created by the rings made of opal. It is all the more important that those who wear engagement rings made of opal should know how to keep the rings so as to protect their beauty and charm.

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