Men’s Engagement Rings Are Mostly Simple Plain Bands

Men's Engagement Rings

What are the things to keep in mind while buying men’s engagement rings?

Just think about the word ‘engagement’ and the first thing that comes to your mind is of an engagement ring. Buy women’s engagement ring and men’s engagement rings first and then do everything else. Most traditionally engagement rings are only bought for women, but recently, men’s are also receiving engagement rings. Most of the men do not want to wear any of those funky diamond laced rings but something simple and solid.Men's Engagement Rings

Types of rings

Men’s engagement rings are mostly simple plain bands. They many a times considers decorative etching which might be embossed or even made to appear plain. If you want the engagement ring to be perfect for your fiancé then you can just do custom making. Once your custom makes it you will be able to add stones, make different designs, and even mix up metals to make a simple band look funky. You can get some phrases engraved on the ring or the date of your engagement etched on the ring. The engraving must not be too flashy, but should be special to you fiancé.

Making of the ring

If your husband does not like anything funky then you might want to consider mixing up two of three different metals. Mixing up of metals makes the ring look something very popular without making it look too much flashy. White and gold metal or gold and bronze intertwined looks very good.

Stones to add

If a diamond is placed on the ring, then it may only be set there as a single stone. It may be put as a solitaire or may be placed off center and make it look stylish. But if you want stones on your fiancés ring don’t just stop at a diamond. You can even put rubies, emeralds or even put a birthstone on the ring. Put the stones in a channel around the ring or just add them to make the diamond stand out more. Only put diamond if your man likes them otherwise it will be a total disaster.

What he likes?

Before choosing out men’s engagement rings for your fiancé think about the lifestyle he leads. Does he like to go to sports or does he do the hard work? These small things often tend to make the engagement ring look better than making it look flashy. If he likes stones make a custom one with different kinds of stones inlaid or if he does not like them then just give him a band type of ring. You can even do etching and embossing on the ring. Moreover, you can choose a wide wedding band which holds a big ruby or a diamond and let the world knows that you love him a lot.Men's Engagement Rings - 1


Men’s engagement rings have gained importance in the recent years. This is like those old fairy tales happening with a hint of modern twists. Men’s engagement rings are being extensively made and sold because girls are willing to do the proposing to their lucky partner themselves. Sometimes it’s just not about showing the world, but showing each other how much they love each other; a token of promise, a symbol of their love.

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