Irish Wedding Rings: Saying “I DO” The Traditional Way

Irish Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings: saying “I do” the traditional way

Irish weddings are all about elaborate celebrations and fun and frolic and it gets reflected the best through the Irish wedding rings. If one wants to add the frolic and the festivity to their own wedding then the ideal way to do it would be through the ring. Fun, laughter, music and dance – these are all characteristics of a perfect Irish wedding. Pastel shades and a beautiful landscape, these pictures readily come to mind the moment we speak of Irish weddings. The Irish love to live grand and their rings too speak of opulence and abundance of love.Irish Wedding Rings

Meaning of the Designs

All Irish wedding rings come in different designs. Irish designs are pretty unique to their culture and each design has a story of its own. Irish wedding rings carry a lot of meaning through their designs and so depending on the feeling that one wants to convey, one can selects one accordingly. Let us find out a bit more about these designs and what the stories are behind each of them.

The Claddagh

Of all the designs that characterize Irish rings, the Claddagh is perhaps the most popular and meaningful. This type of a ring basically has a heart at the center with two hands holding it. On what is the head of the heart, has been placed a crown. Each motif has a reason behind it. The heart shape is supposed to signify the human heart which is being held by both the couples’s hands. It might also be read as a metaphorical significance suggesting the arms of the two in love might be different but their hearts have united into one. This is one of the most weighty Irish wedding rings, since it signifies the ultimate stage of a human relationship. The crown on the head of the heart is an allegory for faithfulness or fidelity.

The Celtic Knot

If one wants to keep it simple when it comes to Irish wedding rings then, the Celtic knot would be the ideal choice. Just a simple band within which intricately engraved are two knots that are intertwined with each other. The allegory here is really simple, signifying the connection of two people and how their lives are intertwined with each other. This knot becomes all the more strong after marriage since then the bond becomes stronger.Irish Wedding Rings - 1

These designs are very significant.

Apart from the above mentioned famous Irish wedding rings designs, there are a few others like warrior shield, Gaelic script, lover’s knot etc. These designs are available in all the popular ring metals like gold, silver, black zirconium, cobalt chrome, platinum, titanium etc. All the stories behind each and every design add a special meaning to all the rings. Depending on what message one wants to convey about their relationship can be determined by the choice of design. Irish wedding rings themselves speak about the celebration of love and add more spirit to the entire joyous occasion. These rings are mostly hand crafted and hence also make a nice collection item.

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