Gold Wedding Rings – The Different Types For Your Day

Gold Wedding Rings

Different Types of Gold Wedding Rings for Your Day

For centuries, couples had been choosing gold wedding rings on their special day. Due to the high demand there have been varieties of gold rings available in the market. You would get rings that are made up of different karats and they are available in varieties of designs too. Gold being a malleable metal, it is possible to mold it into endless styles and designs. Even if you are interested in giving her gold wedding ring on your special day, then know more before you make your purchase. There are various types of gold wedding rings available today and here let’s discuss some of the most beautiful and commonly used types.Gold Wedding Rings

18k Gold Wedding Ring

For making wedding rings, 18K gold is considered to be the best, may that be of 18k Rose or 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold. You may be thinking that 24 K is considered to be the best gold in terms of quality, then why should you use 18 K? As rings made up of 24 K or 22K cannot stand the regular wear and tear that the ring would go through, they are very soft. Thus, when you choose any gold ring, make sure you ask them the karat and whether it would be best for wearing on daily purpose.

14k Gold Wedding Ring

Those who cannot afford the cost of 18K gold rings should not feel low, as wedding is special for anybody, whether they are rich or poor. If you are finding it tough to buy 18K gold wedding rings, then do not worry and ask for 14 K gold rings. Although they may be impure but then Gold is gold and she would always love the ring, especially when it’s from you.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

There has been a recent rise in demand for the vintage style wedding rings and this is the reason why the popularity of rose gold wedding rings has increased. It would be tough to find any other metal that would match the luster and the beauty of gold ring. This metal is simply perfect for the occasion and the rose design is just enchanting that would keep your lady numbs for few seconds.Gold Wedding Rings - 1

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

It has been found recently that white gold has been the first preference of most wedding couples. The ring that they choose to exchange the vows are nowadays has been of white gold, however, the beauty and charm of yellow gold would never be surpassed. You simply cannot ignore the rings that are made up of yellow gold. They are designed in such way that when your lady wears them, you cannot remove your eyes from her fingers.

Thus, when it’s your wedding, you would surely make it that everything is perfect and the most precious thing that needs to be perfect is the wedding ring. Thus, choose one that is good enough and suits your taste and budget and just wait to see the sparkle on her eyes, when she sees it for the first time.

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