Engagement Rings Princess Cut – The Second Most Popular Cut Shape For Diamonds

Engagement Rings Princess Cut

What do you mean by the term engagement rings princess cut?

The engagement rings princess cut can be considered as one the most popular shapes made out from a piece of diamond and placed onto a ring. This shape can be considered as the second best shape, right after the round brilliant.

There are various advantages regarding the princess cut diamond engagement rings. People do not face much problem in presenting those rings to their fiancés, or the ones with whom they are getting engaged. To be precise, these diamonds are made for the perfect woman in your mind.Engagement Rings Princess Cut

A proper description of the princess cuts

The engagement rings princess cut has a very unique shape of it. Unlike the round cut diamond rings, which are considered as the traditional one, the precious princess cut diamond has an unique shape, which may resemble a square or a rectangle. As a whole, you can say that it resembles a pyramid kind of shape or structure.

The tenderness and elegance of the stone gets increasing more due to the sharp edge of the jewelry, which is generally considered as unusual. In a single line, the princess cut diamonds can be considered as a perfect blend of modernity, tradition and class.


The new shape of the diamonds that is the princess cut can be considered as a very new shape. The engagement rings princess cut came into existence during the 1960s. It immediately gained far more appreciation than the traditional round cut diamonds. So in a way its importance also increased among men and women.

The princess cut diamond even after passing through the cutting process, retain its four corners, and whereas in the round cut process, the four corners are cut down to provide the diamonds, the round shape.  So if both round cut and princess cut diamonds are of the same weight, then the princess cut diamond would look much bigger than the round cut one.

Various advantages

There is a big list, under the heading of advantages, regarding the princess cut diamonds. The main advantage would be its rectangular or square shape. They can be intensively used in making various forms of beautiful jewelries. They can be set continuously, without the requirement of any sort of gapping. Now this type of princess cut rings is popular in the market and get more advantages over diamond ring. It can show very stylish when you wear the finger.Engagement Rings Princess Cut - 1

Price range

The engagement rings princess cut is generally considered as cost efficient. People do not face much trouble in buying them. They are cheaper than the other various shapes or cuts of diamond. The most advantageous thing is that, it is cheaper than the more popular round cut diamond engagement rings. If you take various diamonds of same color, carat and size, the one having the princess cut on it, would look the biggest among others, and one of the cheapest among others. The reason of retaining the big size is that, it preserves almost 80% of the rough diamond structure.

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