Edwardian Engagement Rings – Flashy, Catchy And Traditional As Well

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Go for the unique vintage charm of the Edwardian engagement rings

An engagement ring is considered as the most important thing in the engagement. There are many types of engagement rings are available in the market. In case, you are interested in going with something traditional and yet catchy then you are really required to go for the Edwardian engagement rings.

History of the Edwardian rings

The Edwardian engagement rings were known to be very popular during the Edwardian period. This era of this ring was considered as overstated lavishness in both fashion and jewelry. Edwardian period is generally dubbed from the supremacy of the King Edward VII from 1901 to 1910. This ring was in demand during the Edwardian period to 1920. This ring was basically being focused on the romantic imaginary along with the delicately detailed settings. The Edwardian ring was generally used to show the social status of a person.Edwardian Engagement Rings

More about the Edwardian rings

The Edwardian engagement rings are considered as flashy, catchy and traditional as well. It generally indicates the filigree outline along with the crown and band of the ring with the idealistic imagery, such as, vines, bows, hearts, flowers, birds, etc. During Edwardian period, the pave setting was used with different kinds of accent stones that are smaller than central stone. All the stones enclose this ring on each of the surfaces together with the band, crown and sides of the shank. The Etchings are basically used to add the grain to metal of this ring. On the other hand, the semi precious stones can also be used as the centerpiece. The gold, silver and platinum Edwardian rings are known to be completely exclusive.

Modern Designs

There are a plenty of reasons for which you are required to go for the Edwardian engagement rings. This ring is considered as the miniature work of the art along with the sophisticated details and characteristic style. The modern version of this ring is likely to have even more sparkle gems due advanced technology, which is there to allow for the improved accuracy. Nowadays, the Monochrome stones are basically favored.

Both the modern and antique rings from Edwardian Era are likely to share the same attention to detail as well as the outstanding quality of the workmanship. Daintiness and sophistication of filigrees and Scrollwork in this ring are considered as the trademark of the Edwardian period. On the other hand, the modern version of this ring is likely to take the advantage of the laser sculpting as well as various other technology advancements in order to duplicate same precision.Edwardian Engagement Rings - 1


If you really want to get the best Edwardian engagement rings out there, then you are required to do a lot of research on it. Getting the perfect Edwardian engagement ring can be tricky. The private collectors are likely to have some of the rings on the hand while the particular antique jewelry may find the option of vintage rings. You are allowed to get the modern Edwardian engagement rings from some of the renown and certified online stores or retailers. These rings are likely to be originated from the different designers.