Halo wedding rings: upholding the value of holy matrimony

Weddings are special. If you want to add a touch of your own special feelings for your loved one then halo wedding rings are the perfect choice. Marriage is the coming together of two individuals. It is the beginning of a path wrapped in love and harmony. A grand ceremony or a small quiet gathering of friends and loved ones – it does not matter. All that matters is the happiness and joy that prevails when two people bond together in holy matrimony.Halo Wedding Rings

Ring – the gateway to heart

The ring occupies a place of immense significance when it comes to marriage. A ring can be presented either in an engagement ceremony or on the day when two people in love get married. There is an interesting story as to why the ring is so important when it comes to marriage. Marriage is an institution which primarily focuses on the bindings of love. As popular romanticism goes, love is a feeling which issues from the heart. It is said that a nerve runs from our ring finger directly to the heart! We might wear any ring in any other finger, but the engagement band or the wedding ring has to appear on the ring finger. The ring is thus a gateway to one’s heart and the best way to adorn this gateway are the halo wedding rings.

Why use ‘halo’?

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but nothing speaks volumes than diamonds! Diamond is the stone when it comes to symbolizing matrimony. Halo wedding rings echo this very thought. A large diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds or any other precious stones on all its sides is what basically halo wedding rings look like. It is however not necessary that the stone has to diamond. Halo rings can also be set with other precious stones like ruby, sapphire etc. The term ‘halo’ is used since the stone at the center is surrounded by other smaller stones. It looks like as if there is a halo around the stone in the middle.Halo Wedding Rings - 1

Its type and uses

As mentioned before, depending on the type of stone that is being used, the type of halo wedding rings will vary. The cut of the center stone also varies from one ring to another. The stone might come in a pear cut or the cushion cut. One might opts for old mine cut halo wedding rings or just go for the more traditional round cut. Each cut has its own unique feature and a beauty of its own which perfects any finger it adorns. Halo wedding rings are no small affair. If one wants to show off their engagement ring, halo wedding bands are the best possible choice. Right from embellishing the fingers of royalty (Diana to Kate Middleton), they are very popular these days among celebrities as well.

The most attractive feature of halo wedding rings is the stone at the center. The diamonds or smaller stones surrounding it simply accentuates it beauty. These rings are the best possible choice to gift a loved one on perhaps the most special occasion of one’s life – marriage.

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Irish wedding rings: saying “I do” the traditional way

Irish weddings are all about elaborate celebrations and fun and frolic and it gets reflected the best through the Irish wedding rings. If one wants to add the frolic and the festivity to their own wedding then the ideal way to do it would be through the ring. Fun, laughter, music and dance – these are all characteristics of a perfect Irish wedding. Pastel shades and a beautiful landscape, these pictures readily come to mind the moment we speak of Irish weddings. The Irish love to live grand and their rings too speak of opulence and abundance of love.Irish Wedding Rings

Meaning of the Designs

All Irish wedding rings come in different designs. Irish designs are pretty unique to their culture and each design has a story of its own. Irish wedding rings carry a lot of meaning through their designs and so depending on the feeling that one wants to convey, one can selects one accordingly. Let us find out a bit more about these designs and what the stories are behind each of them.

The Claddagh

Of all the designs that characterize Irish rings, the Claddagh is perhaps the most popular and meaningful. This type of a ring basically has a heart at the center with two hands holding it. On what is the head of the heart, has been placed a crown. Each motif has a reason behind it. The heart shape is supposed to signify the human heart which is being held by both the couples’s hands. It might also be read as a metaphorical significance suggesting the arms of the two in love might be different but their hearts have united into one. This is one of the most weighty Irish wedding rings, since it signifies the ultimate stage of a human relationship. The crown on the head of the heart is an allegory for faithfulness or fidelity.

The Celtic Knot

If one wants to keep it simple when it comes to Irish wedding rings then, the Celtic knot would be the ideal choice. Just a simple band within which intricately engraved are two knots that are intertwined with each other. The allegory here is really simple, signifying the connection of two people and how their lives are intertwined with each other. This knot becomes all the more strong after marriage since then the bond becomes stronger.Irish Wedding Rings - 1

These designs are very significant.

Apart from the above mentioned famous Irish wedding rings designs, there are a few others like warrior shield, Gaelic script, lover’s knot etc. These designs are available in all the popular ring metals like gold, silver, black zirconium, cobalt chrome, platinum, titanium etc. All the stories behind each and every design add a special meaning to all the rings. Depending on what message one wants to convey about their relationship can be determined by the choice of design. Irish wedding rings themselves speak about the celebration of love and add more spirit to the entire joyous occasion. These rings are mostly hand crafted and hence also make a nice collection item.

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Picking the Right Wedding Rings Women Is Easy Enough

Can you think of any wedding ceremony with the wedding ring? Wedding rings women are the most sensitive thing of any wedding and they comprise the most important ritual of that day. With the exchange of the wedding ring, the bride and the groom exchange their heart and promise to stay beside each other for the lifetime. When the lady sees her ring, it has been found in many occasions that tear come to her eyes. This is because she finds her fulfillment of her dreams in the ring. Earlier, women use to wear yellow gold rings only, now for wedding rings women, you would get variety of choices, like white gold, copper, platinum, silver and more.Wedding Rings Women

Varieties of wedding ring for women

Nowadays, for meeting the ever changing choice of the new generation, even gold too is available in different colors, like white gold or copper color gold. For meeting the demand of the new generation, even jewelers are designing rings with these metals. Customers are always looking for something new and unique and hence they like to get a different ring for their woman. Thus, based on the type of metal used and the stones engraved on the ring, you would get different type of wedding rings women.

Although, gold is common, yet diamond rings are also a trend now. Many women prefer to wear diamond rings and if you can remember the 4 c’s of diamond, then you can have a good one.

Selecting the right ring for her

While choosing the right wedding rings women you need to keep in mind three things. They are: The style of the lady, her personality, and obviously commitment. Once you know about the style she follows you can choose the right ring that would be loved by her. The ring should also match her personality as she would be wearing it throughout the life. Thus if old-fashioned she may not like it.

For understanding what she would like most as her wedding ring, you can try to get the clues that she would be giving you all the way (Women love to give clues!). If you can intercept what she wants to tell you, your work would be half done. You can think of occasions when she had excitingly liked ring of someone else. You can choose something like that.Wedding Rings Women - 1

Next thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing the wedding rings women is the style that she prefers. Does she like contemporary style or traditional rings? Your jeweler would surely be able to show you the various types as they know the recent trends and keep rings according to the choice of their customers.

Once you know all these you have to know is the ring size. The ring size is important as without it you simply would not be able to understand which size would fit her most. Once settled and finalized you are all set to get the best ring that would make her fall for the ring again and again.

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Different Types of Gold Wedding Rings for Your Day

For centuries, couples had been choosing gold wedding rings on their special day. Due to the high demand there have been varieties of gold rings available in the market. You would get rings that are made up of different karats and they are available in varieties of designs too. Gold being a malleable metal, it is possible to mold it into endless styles and designs. Even if you are interested in giving her gold wedding ring on your special day, then know more before you make your purchase. There are various types of gold wedding rings available today and here let’s discuss some of the most beautiful and commonly used types.Gold Wedding Rings

18k Gold Wedding Ring

For making wedding rings, 18K gold is considered to be the best, may that be of 18k Rose or 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold. You may be thinking that 24 K is considered to be the best gold in terms of quality, then why should you use 18 K? As rings made up of 24 K or 22K cannot stand the regular wear and tear that the ring would go through, they are very soft. Thus, when you choose any gold ring, make sure you ask them the karat and whether it would be best for wearing on daily purpose.

14k Gold Wedding Ring

Those who cannot afford the cost of 18K gold rings should not feel low, as wedding is special for anybody, whether they are rich or poor. If you are finding it tough to buy 18K gold wedding rings, then do not worry and ask for 14 K gold rings. Although they may be impure but then Gold is gold and she would always love the ring, especially when it’s from you.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

There has been a recent rise in demand for the vintage style wedding rings and this is the reason why the popularity of rose gold wedding rings has increased. It would be tough to find any other metal that would match the luster and the beauty of gold ring. This metal is simply perfect for the occasion and the rose design is just enchanting that would keep your lady numbs for few seconds.Gold Wedding Rings - 1

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

It has been found recently that white gold has been the first preference of most wedding couples. The ring that they choose to exchange the vows are nowadays has been of white gold, however, the beauty and charm of yellow gold would never be surpassed. You simply cannot ignore the rings that are made up of yellow gold. They are designed in such way that when your lady wears them, you cannot remove your eyes from her fingers.

Thus, when it’s your wedding, you would surely make it that everything is perfect and the most precious thing that needs to be perfect is the wedding ring. Thus, choose one that is good enough and suits your taste and budget and just wait to see the sparkle on her eyes, when she sees it for the first time.

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Vintage wedding rings: It’s all about heritage

Of all rings, vintage wedding rings undoubtedly make the most sophisticated and classy choice. Each vintage ring is a one of its kind. Vintage wedding rings reflect the time in which they were crafted. While some speak of opulence the others have a subtle soft touch to them. All vintage creations are quality products and that is what makes them vintage. They come in all sorts of metals and with every precious stone that is found on this earth. What one should always look into before buying a vintage wedding ring is its design. There are a lots of vintage rings and each has an unique design. So it is best to search through a lot of options before finalizing the buy, because surely one would not want to have regret about the design later.Vintage Wedding Rings

Types and designs

Let us take a sneak peek into the world of vintage wedding rings and see what are the types and designs that are popular.

    • It’s the era of Victoria: Victorian rings are the most vibrant of all vintage wedding rings. These generally have a simple band of gold or platinum and are studded with big gem stones. The bands also come in rose gold which adds to the vibrancy of the gem stones. These are definitely eye catchers and meant for the bold ones.
    • It does not look good if it is not propped up: A very popular design from the 1920s is a princess cut diamond propped into a basket of platinum on a platinum band. This design is a very popular one and has been replicated time and again. The diamond shines with all its brilliance whiles the metal band perfectly fits into the finger.

This would be one of the finest choices of vintage wedding rings.

    • One and many more: Another very famous design is that of variety of shapes clubbed together on a platinum band. A square or circle adorns the centre and is surrounded by both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs as well. These are the more gaudy ones and are for those who don’t mind flaunting their wedding bands a little.
    • A special feature: One of the most important things about vintage wedding rings is the way the setting has been done. A lot of intricate work goes into the setting of the stone on the top. Creators carefully engrave the tiny little designs so that it is a treat for the eyes of both who wears it as well as the one who is looking at it.Vintage Wedding Rings - 1
    • Time for the Romans: This particular design is ideal for men. A big band of quite a wide breadth with a stone set right in the middle this has a manly feel to it. If men are interested in browsing through the vintage collection, then this design will surely catch their attention.

Vintage wedding rings are reflections of the era. They try to capture the spirit of the age and put it all in the design so that it immediately reminds one of that particular age.

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