Black diamond wedding rings: alluring and mysterious

Diamonds are not just yellowish or white in color they come in the color black too. If one is a little skeptical about this fact then a look at the black diamond wedding rings would be a good place to start. There are a lots of theories and criticisms when it comes to black diamonds. Some people are of the opinion that black diamonds are not actually diamonds but are manufactured to look like diamonds. There are a few others who even go to the extent of suggesting that black diamonds are not native to the earth like white diamonds are! So, what is the mystery surrounding black diamond? Let us try and find diamond wedding rings

As allusive as alluring

Black diamonds are no doubt beautiful. Black diamond wedding rings have a different charm to them altogether. The allusive story of the origin of black diamond makes the black diamond wedding rings all the more alluring. Black diamonds are black in color because they have carbon. It has a crystalline structure and it is also known as carbonado. A basic difference between white diamond and black diamond, apart from its color, is that while white diamonds reflect light, the structure of the crystal of a black diamond is such that it ends up absorbing a lot of light.

In fact black as a color itself, is known to absorb light. Now coming to the origin of black diamond, some people believe that it is found in earth while there are a few others who believe that it was asteroid that landed on the earth a million years ago which brought with it these unique diamonds. Whatever the truth might be; the mystery surrounding its origin makes the black diamond wedding rings all the more special.

A black and white treat

When it comes to selecting black diamond wedding rings one can go for the best option of mixing the two types of diamonds. Instead of going for a single black diamond one can opts for both the colors. Black diamond generally goes well with a metal that is white in color and not so much with gold. One can always go for combination of the two diamond types. For example a ring with a black diamond in the center surrounded by small white diamonds look really elegant.

Black diamond wedding rings or bands with an alternate setting of black and white diamonds are also excellent for daily wear. White diamonds are no doubt the ideal traditional choice, but if one wants to add a little twist to it then a black diamond makes the perfect choice. Black diamond wedding rings can also consist of a single diamond at the center. The band comes with a lot of intricate detailing which adds to the beauty of diamond wedding rings - 1

Black diamonds are cheaper than ordinary diamonds. Most of the black diamonds in the market are actually manufactured in a laboratory and hence these are easy to produce. Original carbonado is actually very difficult to find. But if one does find it, it is worth keeping for the rest of their life.

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The Royal touch of princess cut wedding rings

Speak of diamonds and the next thing that one inquires about is the cut. The princess cut wedding rings happen to be one of the most popular cuts when it comes to diamonds. Created to perfection this particular cut of diamond is ideal for wedding as well as engagement rings. There is something especially unique about this diamond cut. Let us find out more about it.princess cut wedding rings

The importance of a diamond’s cut

People might just wonder what does a princess cut diamond look like or more pertinently what is so special about the cut of a diamond. Diamonds are mined it is one of the hardest of its kind. Only a diamond can cut a diamond and no other stone. Now coming to the question as to why the cut of diamond is so important, we will start with only one word reflection. A diamond is particular noted for its brilliance, that is, the amount of light it reflects. The more light it reflects more is its brilliance. Now the cut of a diamond determines how much light will the diamond reflects and hence the cuts which enable the diamond to reflect lighter are naturally more popular than the rest. The princess cut enables a diamond to reflect more light and hence princess cut wedding rings are very popular.

What does the princess cut look like?

We have all seen pyramids. It is basically a triangle in three dimensional form. The moment we invert this pyramid we get the diamond of princess cut wedding rings. An inverted pyramid with a square or a rectangular base is what defines the princess cut perfectly. The broad surface at the center adds more room to enable better reflection and hence this cut adds greater brilliance to the stone. Princess cut wedding rings generally have the inverted diamond at the center with small golden bands supporting its four corners. The diamonds of princess cut wedding rings are generally a little bigger in size. In fact bigger the diamond, better is the brilliance.princess cut wedding rings - 1

Complementing the princess cut

Princess cut wedding rings are one the most traditional and yet highly popular wedding rings. This cut actually goes really well with almost any metal. For example, the princess cut diamond makes a stunning combination with gold. The gold bands supporting the four corners of the diamond, make a splendid sight indeed. Princess cut wedding rings really do have the power to dazzle the eye. Another metal that is very popularly teamed up with this type of diamond cut is silver. Since this cut is a rather traditional one, traditional choice of metals works better for it. Platinum is another choice of recent times. Princess cut wedding rings are not about having a central diamond piece only. The central diamond might be complimented with other smaller diamonds around it. These smaller diamonds accentuate the princess cut and of course adds to the brilliance of the ring.

So, if one is interested in a rather popular but a classic choice then the princess cut wedding rings would be the best option for them.

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Western Wedding Rings: Speaking for you

We always like to try out something different and unique; something which reflects our personality. Western wedding rings provide the best way to make a few heads turn. Also to leave a mark of your individuality in a band which commemorates a holy union.

Understanding the tradition

Behind every tradition that comes down to us there is a story to tell. The nerve in the ring finger, as we know, runs straight to the heart. We have the tradition of putting a ring in the ring finger of our beloved. However there is a very basic difference between engagement rings and wedding rings which needs to be understood at the very onset. The difference is crucial since it can affect the choices you make while looking for the perfect ring to gift your partner or fiancée. An engagement ring is basically the ring that we give our partner when we ask them to marry us. While wedding rings are exchanged on the auspicious day.

Western Wedding Rings Now what needs to be cleared out is that while engagement rings are generally sleek. With a big diamond or any other precious stone (there are exceptions to this rule of course). Weddings rings can be a simple band of gold to any unique and elaborate work on gold or any other precious metals. Western wedding rings offer you both the option of opting for a simple band to a heavily ornamented piece. Thereby increasing your options to select your preferred one.

Designs of Western wedding rings

Western wedding rings, literally comes in all designs and metals. Reviews and studies suggest that many people are averse to the idea of using the same old format. That is, of a precious rock at the centre with a band of gold, as their wedding ring. Western wedding rings allows to that space to break away from the conventional designs and opt for something different. This is perhaps the sole reason for its immense popularity these days. You have western wedding rings in simple gold or rose gold metal bands. As well as ones with a solid diamond, sparkling brightly at the centre. The most intriguing and attractive feature of these rings are the bands. The bands are often laden with intricate designs, mostly in the warp and weft fashion.

Basically the designs of western wedding rings boast of grandeur through simplicity.

Just a band of gold or any other metal like platinum with a diamond at the centre makes the perfect wedding ring. Western wedding rings have that extra finesse which adds sophistication to your choice. In fact if you want you can go for a single diamond at the centre of three comparatively smaller diamonds, all clubbed together.Western Wedding Rings - 1

No matter which western wedding rings you ultimately go for always remember that this involves a fair amount of money and hence you wouldn’t want something to go wrong with it. The best way to ensure that the ring is perfect for your wedding day is to go to a local jewellery shop first. Get the correct measurements, for your surely wouldn’t want the wedding ring to slip out of your partner’s fingers!

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Perfecting gay wedding rings

Gay wedding rings, with their distinctive features speak for themselves. Each and every community, especially ones which have for a large time been a minority due to social oppression, tend to bring forth their features and preferences in a more robust manner – in an attempt to make their voices being heard. When we look into gay wedding rings we see that each and every design, color element and symbol has a story to tell. While one symbol tells the story of oppression another color speaks of freedom. Wedding is a very special occasion in one’s life. One wants to gift their partner the best on this day- more precisely the ring which commemorates this occasion has to be perfect. Thus it is of crucial importance that one knows what to select and what to base his search on.Gay Wedding Rings

Types of rings

Gay wedding rings broadly can be of two types – the traditional and the ones with symbols. Now the wedding rings which come with symbols are a reflection of certain ideal or a story. Sometimes it is a story of freedom, sometimes it is a symbol for love. One of the most popular of all the gay symbols is the symbol of mars, which is now more popularly recognized as the male symbol. Gay wedding rings often come with a particular symbol – two male symbols engaged in each other. This is a very popular symbol and it acts as a marker for love experienced between two men.

Selecting the ideal ring

In order to select perfect gay wedding rings it is crucial first to identify what the two partners like or prefer. For example if the couple is a rather traditional one, or prefer the traditional ways. A simple band of gold with a tiny diamond or precious stone, adorning the middle would be the perfect ring. However a couple which prefers to add something new to their collection, would definitely prefer gay wedding rings which are heavily ornamented either with symbols or various types of colors. In short they would want a ring that will stand out as it breaks away from the mundane.

If one person is selecting the ring for another, it is always imperative to keep the partner’s choice in mind. One safe idea, which is sure to be a hit, is to use the birth stone in the ring. It not only brings harmony but also adds a touch of color and uniqueness to the entire ring.Gay Wedding Rings - 1

Customizing the ring

Depending on the choices and preferences, it is always best to customize gay wedding rings. For the perfect fit and the right design, customized rings are the best option. Not only can one get the design of their choice but they can also inscribe a message in the band. This again adds an extremely personal touch, ideal for celebrating the communion of two people. In any case customizing the ring is always a safer option since then at least one can be rest assured that the ring will perfectly fit the one for whom it is meant.

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Importance of symbolism and color in lesbian wedding rings

Lesbian wedding rings are always laden with symbols and characterized by the use of certain colors. There is a reason behind this excess focus being devoted to symbolism and color. Let us try and figure out what that might be.

A prelude to the wedding ring

Lesbians, just like gays have always been a minority in the society. A long drawn and pain staking struggle has helped them to an extent to shed the social stigma that had surrounded them for so long and continues to strangle many in other societies. For lesbians, colors, certain symbols, the use of certain words and certain dressing codes formed a defining feature of their “freedom” movement. These designs and modes have made way into their daily lives. Thus when it comes to lesbian wedding rings these symbols and color codes also come into play. Since the social stigma associated with their choice have for so long placed them at the margins. They have always showed the tendency to stand out. The typical designs of lesbian wedding rings speak volumes to corroborate this fact.Lesbian Wedding Rings

Symbols for ornamentation

Symbols are a very important part of lesbian wedding rings. There are a few
specific symbols which are most commonly found in lesbian wedding rings. The symbol of Venus, which celebrates womanhood is one of the most common symbols that are found. The symbol of the inverted triangle is ideally the symbol which reflects femininity, yet this symbol is not used much in lesbian wedding rings. Actually the history attached to this symbol adds to the horror of it and hence many prefer not to use it. This symbol was mainly used by Hitler to demarcate lesbians, or more precisely women who were unwilling to reproduce and also prostitutes. This might be one of the reasons as to why this symbol is not seen much in these rings.

Color coding of rings

Color is also of significant importance in case of wedding rings for lesbians. The rainbow symbol expresses the rights and freedom of gays and hence rainbow color is a very popular choice. Different colors have different meanings and hence people can chose the color of their choice which describes their partner or their relationship the best. For example, blue symbolizes harmony and hence couples who want the harmony of their relationship on their fingers, will opt for this color. Sometimes the birthstones of either partner are used.

Coming back to tradition

Among all the freshness and creativity that lesbian couples tend to add to their wedding rings. There is always this trend of going back to the traditional. Traditional gold and diamond rings are still a favorite. To incorporate various designs, other metals apart from platinum, gold or silver, like stainless steel is also used. Precious stone studded rings or a simple band of gold or platinum, these also make the perfect choice for lesbian wedding rings.Lesbian Wedding Rings - 1

Wedding signifies the holy occasion when two people come together. It really does not matter whether you belong to the lesbian community or the gay community. All that matters is that two people in love have decided to be with each other for the rest of their lives. In doing so they lay special importance on their bands/rings of love and hence they can do it in any way they want- the lesbian wedding rings are simply a reflection of this thought.

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