Blue Diamond Engagement Rings – Extremely Rare, Expensive and… Beautiful

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Why should you think about buying blue diamond engagement rings?

You should know that the blue diamond engagement rings are simply a great choice not just for those couples who are newly engaged, but also for those couples who wish in their mind for something which will be very original and at the same time will also be very special. Natural kind of blue diamond’s is now a day’s extremely rare, but if you try hard enough, you will very easily get a hold of it.


Approximately it has been proved by the scientists that at least 1 out of almost every 10,000 diamonds which has now got some specific kind off-color in their constitution of parties. It should also be very nicely crafted in order to attract a lot of traffic. You should know that a true blue diamond which is also known as a fancy blue diamond is basically the one which is very beautifully crafted in a deep blue hue. You will soon come to know a lot about the fact that you can get your spouse one of the blue diamond engagement rings, but you should know that it will be extremely rare as well as very expensive.Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

The costing

The cost of such blue diamond is very high. To say in an approximate manner, its cost will almost be about 10 to 50 times the base price of any kind of diamond of a similar quality or maybe about the same size. The blue diamond costs a lot more than the diamonds which have no specifics.

Other options

There is a combination of several various options which can be substituted for the extremely rare and costly blue diamonds. And the best thing is that these substituted blue diamond engagement rings will go very easier financially and will also be under the expenses of your budget. The steps are in a very simple order. At first all you have to do is to have any cheap but real diamond and then get it color in a permanent manner.

It can be done

This process of clearing of any kind of blue diamond is basically done in the closed atmosphere of a lab. The system of making this kind of diamond involves a combination of a lot of complex processes. This process involves some kind of irradiation and also the use of intense heat in order to make the color stick to the surface of the blue diamond engagement rings.

Types of blue diamond

There are basically two specific types of blue diamond available for people to buy. The two different types are man-made and the also natural type of blue diamond. The natural type of blue diamonds is those ones which are mined from the earth’s crust.Blue Diamond Engagement Rings - 1

The simplest of the natural type of blue diamonds is now a day’s very expensive, especially due to their rareness trait. But another kind of blue diamond which are cheaper than the natural ones are the man-made ones. It has been noticed that for almost all those people who can’t usually afford to buy any of those expensive kinds of blue diamond engagement rings and that’s why they start to just settle for the synthetic and the man-made ones.

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