Black Diamond Engagement Ring – The Black Diamond that makes Your Engagement Ring very Powerful

black diamond engagement ring

The Black Diamond that makes Your Engagement Ring very Powerful

The black diamond engagement ring is indeed one of the most popular types of wedding rings. Just like white diamond, black diamond is also purely natural and symbolizes wisdom, true love and eternity. Black diamond is believed to have the power to keep the man and woman together in a strong and affectionate relationship for a long period. It is also believed that those who wear black diamond will attain true happiness and prosperity in life. Those who wear black diamond are able to make a sophisticated appearance and hence black diamond suits to all types of jewelry items.

Many men and women prefer a black diamond engagement ring. It gives a boost to their personality and also it is highly durable. People consider their engagement rings as sacred treasures and they expect the engagement rings to last till the end. Many celebrity couples also prefer to have their engagement rings made of black diamond since it suits to their stylish way of dressing. Black color stands for power, authority, passion and firmness. By wearing black engagement rings the couples can express their passion, commitment and strength.
black diamond engagement ring

Why black diamond engagement ring?

Gone are the days when people believed that diamond engagement rings should contain only white diamond. Now, diamond is available in a variety of colors like black, blue, pink, brown and yellow. And all these types of diamond are used to make engagement rings. Black diamond is identified as an awesome alternative to white diamond to adorn engagement rings. Many men and women believe that by wearing the black diamond engagement ring they are able to not only make a unique appearance but also express their love in a unique style. The black diamond is not simply black but it is black with an extraordinary shine. Black diamond provides a distinct charm and men and women who like to replace traditional stuffs with new stuffs very much appreciate the black engagement ring that is studded with a black diamond.

Those who crave for sophistication as well as the latest style will be overwhelmed to have their engagement ring with a beautiful black diamond. While black diamond is more affordable when compared to white diamond, the Karat, cut and color of the stone are the factors that are considered while pricing. If the black diamond is not exactly black by nature it can be made to appear in dark color by way of providing suitable color enhancement. While determining the price of the stone it is considered whether it is color-enhanced or the original stone which is black with a gray tinge. When the color is enhanced the stone appears opaque since there is no refraction of light. Black diamond is as durable as white diamond. Those who have black diamond ring can use it for daily wear. Black diamond is equally suitable for males and females.

Selecting the black diamond ring

For those who do not want to spend for a white diamond ring but want to select an amazingly beautiful engagement ring that can ensure their appearance in unique style, the black diamond bridal ring is the very best option. Black diamonds are very clear and their shining appearance makes them look elegant and majestic. The fact that they appear differently makes the black diamond a popular choice for accenting the engagement rings. The brides and grooms who are eager to appear different for the engagement will certainly opt for the black diamond engagement ring. Among all the different types of diamonds, black diamond always stands out. The black diamond that is used in engagement ring as well as other jewelry item is non-refractive and opaque. Since black diamond is opaque it is easier to select the diamond for the engagement ring.

Since it will not sparkle it need not be tested for passing of light. Black diamond is normally cut in three different shapes – square, round and oval. All the three shapes are suitable for the black color of the diamond and one can choose the shape for the ring according to his or her preference. The black diamond ring appears truly awesome when set in channel, pave or prong. Those who spend some time to carry out a thorough research online prior to shopping for the black diamond ring are able to find out the black diamond bridal rings of excellent quality for well affordable prices.

Excitingly fashionable but, 100% natural

Brides as well as grooms who want to be fashionable in a unique way are unlikely to opt for the traditional gold engagement rings that are adorned with the monochromatic white diamonds. Those who want to appear fashionable will be more interested in the latest options. They are sure to find the black diamond engagement ring an exciting option. Just like the sparkling white diamond as well as the diamonds that appear in different fancy colors. The black diamond also succeeded in providing a new dimension to the art of jewelry making. It is quite natural that some people have the doubt in their minds whether black diamond is really a type of natural diamond. But, the truth is that black diamonds are 100% natural. Just like pink, blue or yellow diamond, black diamond also originates from natural carbon.

Classic, eye-catching

Black diamonds are also called carbonados diamonds and carbonados are widely used for making jewelry items. The black diamond has a polycrystalline structure and it is black in color with a gray tinge. Normally the black diamonds are small in size and they are available only from a few places in the world like The Central African Republic, Venezuela and Brazil. Natural diamonds that are purely black do exist but are very rare. Either the natural black diamond with medium gray tinge or the colorless natural diamond is normally used to make fashion jewelry items. The stones are subjected to color enhancement in order to make them appear black.

The stones that have undergone irradiation treatment appear black to our eyes. Now black diamond is very common in classic fine jewelry that are for special occasions. Black diamond engagement ring and men’s wedding band adorned with black diamond are very common now. The black diamond stone provides an eye-catching new look to the wedding ring. The brides who wear the black diamond rings become more noticeable. From them the other girls get ideas for fashionable and unique dressing. The great advantage of the black diamond engagement ring is that it matches to all the outfits.

Irradiated carbonados

Today the black diamond engagement ring is considered as the most modern and unique wedding ring. As a result there is a phenomenal increase in the demand for black diamond rings in the jewelry market. When the black diamond known as carbonados  is a rare type of diamond, the good quality carbonados that is used to make black diamond ring is rarer. The color of natural carbonados varies from real black to light gray. Moreover, the carbanados stones are obtained in very small sizes. The irradiated carbonados are widely used for making the black diamond rings. Colorless natural diamond also is irradiated to make black diamond. Heating the natural diamond is an accepted method for color enhancement. When the diamond is subjected to radiation it gets black color with deepness as well as consistency.

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Other types of black diamond

Bridal rings and wedding bands made of simulant black diamond are also available. Either cubic shaped black zirconia or proprietary varieties of simulants are used for this type of black diamond rings. However, when compared to carbonados and irradiated natural diamonds, the simulants are less durable and have lower degree of luster.  Synthetic black diamond is prepared by the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. However, the synthetic variety of black diamond is not used to make jewelry but used for industrial purposes.

Advantages of treated black diamonds

The treated black diamonds are irradiated versions of natural colorless diamond. The treated black diamonds are available in more number of varieties when compared to carbonados. When many among the carbonados diamonds are less durable, the treated black diamond has high durability. The engagement ring requires a sufficiently large diamond stone with an excellent cut to be fixed at the center of the ring. It is too difficult to cut the carbonados with that much perfection. It is possible to provide perfect cuts from the treated black diamond stones. As a result black diamond engagement ring which is made using the treated black diamond comes in a variety of sizes, cuts and patterns.

The quality of the black diamond is evaluated by considering the color of the stone. Clarity of the stone and the cut. Apart from providing the weight and other measurements of the diamond. From the quality analysis report one can know whether it was a carbonados or colorless diamond that was irradiated in order to make it a black diamond. The black diamonds are graded under three different categories – AAA, AA and A. And among the three grades AAA is considered the best.

Price variations among black diamond rings

The price of black diamond engagement ring depends on a number of factors. The increase in the demand for black diamond leads to price escalation for carbonados. The price of carbonados black diamond also depends on size of the stone and quality of the cut. When the cuts are of superior quality, the price will be much higher. The price of natural carbonados is most likely to increase further. Black diamond stones of different prices are available when they are produced by irradiation of natural colorless diamond.

The colorless diamonds that are not clear and have poor color characteristics will be cheaper. The price increases with the quality of the diamond and the perfection of the cut. In any case, the black diamond ring made of irradiated colorless diamond is always cheaper than the diamond ring which is made of natural carbonados with excellent color and good cut. Black diamond rings that are made of stimulus black diamonds are the cheapest. Apart from price of the black diamond, the price of the bridal rings also depend on the price of the metal used to make the ring and also the workmanship.

Disadvantages of carbonados

Though carbonados and the colorless diamonds have the same density and specific gravity and same degree of hardness as well as luster. There a few distinct differences among these two types of diamond.

The carbonados have different crystalline structure and there will be fissures and pits in the stones. The presence of fissures and pits negatively affect the appearance, strength and durability of the diamond. These physical deformities make a considerable portion of the carbonados stones not suitable to make bridal rings and wedding bands. Thus only a limited quantity of the carbonados is used to make black diamond engagement ring and other jewelry items. Since carbonados are porous in nature, special care is essential to protect the stone from cracking and chipping. They should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners and should not be exposed to harsh chemicals. Black diamond rings made of irradiated colorless diamond also should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. Other than that they do not require any special care.

Black Diamond in the Engagement Ring

The amazing beauty, elegance and the numerous spiritual features of black diamond makes the black diamond engagement ring one of the most precious treasures for women as well as men. The black diamond on the ring is not only a rare, valuable stone but also a great stone that has immense power to make the life of those who wear it happy, safe and glorious. The stone that is strong and clear has the power to make the mind of its user also strong and clear. A strong and clear mind is essential for a person to achieve his or her goal and to be successful in life. By virtue of the black diamond in one’s engagement ring, he or she can acquire great power, stamina, good thoughts, honesty, virtue and real ability.

The black diamond engagement ring that the bride or the groom wears at the time of their wedding is not just a fashionable jewelry. It will be a powerful weapon that helps them to fulfill their dreams. The black diamond gives them the power to control their feelings as well as emotions, withstand pressure and get out of fear. Those who wear black diamond are able to defend themselves from the evil forces. Black diamond is a carrier of peace and harmony and those who wear the black diamond ring become passionate and helpful in their attitude. Black diamond enables its users to realize the value of true love. Consequently they build up sincere, true and affectionate relationships.

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