Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – Sophisticated Shimmer Of The Emerald Cut, In A Chic Square Shape

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Increase in popularity of Asscher cut engagement rings

The most popular and trendy setting engagement rings even today is the Asscher cut engagement rings. Based on a recent statistics, about two out of five women are opting for the Asscher cut square diamond rings. These diamonds are never old fashioned they are never getting out of style. The name is given to the maker of this type of diamonds.

The square shaped of the diamonds best fits on the rings and thus they are very famous. In fact the most popular Asscher cut diamond was the cursed blue diamond. This diamond brought death by the owner of the ring and thus it was very famous in the early nineteen hundreds. The square cut diamond adds symmetry to the ring and thus brings extra sparkle and blink to the model. These diamonds can be solitary fitted or they can be added with other jewelers around them to make them look richer.Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Why was it named as Asscher cut rings?

The Asscher cut was originated in the year 1902 and later fitted with the Asscher cut engagement rings.  Later on in the year two thousand and one it got a new design overhauling the original design.  There were sixteen facets added to the original diamond to increase the sparkle factor.  The new design also technically advanced because it is very hard to copy the new design and thus no false diamonds can be cut like the Asscher cut original one.

The so called diamond ring also is known as the modified fashion cut, or the square emerald cut. The emerald cut names of the feature, such that emerald is also cut as this type of square cut. Its shape was that of the type of the octagon. The Asscher family holds the patent for the Asscher cut diamonds. Each and every genuine has this hallmark (usually not visible by naked eyes) of the patent of the aster family.

The reasons for the popularity

These Asscher cut diamonds tend to make the diamond looks even bigger. Its octagon shaped upper portion gives the perfect glare and blink when it falls in accordance with light. Due to this the Asscher cut engagement rings need the perfect cut, color and glare for them. Once the perfect ring is found in the engagement ring the next toughest job is to set the diamond in the ring. The Asscher cut ring features a four prong setting that allows the gemstone to place it at higher position so that it can reflect more light producing more light for the ring. The vintage styles are also very popular Ana hence they feature paved diamonds around the center diamond in the ring.Asscher Cut Engagement Rings - 1

Things to notice when buying the ring

The increased dimensions in the Asscher cut engagement rings add to the detailed attention to the quality of the stone that is to be bought. With 16 facets it becomes easy to find the imperfection with the naked eye. Moreover the color of the engagement rings is also very important to reflect the proper color of the diamond.

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